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  1. It’s an inside tank with a lid. I suspect it may have come in with a shrimp or fish shipment as it’s only a fairly new tank.
  2. I have found this guy in my tank not sure what it is and if it’s dangerous to my fish or not. Not sure how it ended up in my tank either. I have seen it previously in there but didn’t manage to snap any pics. It was clear then. Apologies for the algae.
  3. Thanks Rob, I’ve never had much to do with snails and was planning to get some but you can’t turn down free ones that turn up on your plants.
  4. Hi All I was hoping someone could help me identify the couple of hitch hikers that have made their way into my tank on some plants. I’m not looking to get rid of them just want to know what they are to care for them properly.
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