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Assistance identifying angelfish gender

Flyin Jawaiian

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Aloha all so long story short, I got two remaining angel fish from petco, started with 6 lol we know how those fish go all 4 were being treated till they just gave up but I have two left and I may have just got lucky enough to have gotten a pair out of them all,(or so I pray). Now this is where I need some serious trained eyes to help me identify these two specimens. By going by all traits I’ve been collecting online about what separates them in sex and to me I think they might be but this would be my first pair to attempt to breed and I just want to be sure. They swim together pretty much all the time I notice there’s very little aggression except for when I feed them for ex. For the first time today while feeding they were starting to peck and chase til both faced off and legit held each other by the mouth and were kinda in a tug of war type of deal not too sure if this is common with pairs? I know from what I could collect online for info, the one sure fire way to identify a male and female is by breeding tubes and they only protrude those out when they’re nearing ready to breed which is hard with just two angels haha 😆. Anyways I really hope we can shine some light on these guys and get to moving on my next little project. Thank you for taking the time and helping out much mahalo and Aloha 🤙🏽







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(If you will secure me and my family a bungalow on one of the beautiful Hawaiian Islands 🌺, I will give you the answer you seek... 😂)

Seriously, this is soooo hard to get right. When / if tubes drop, _female_ is thicker. Male is pointy (male lower / larger body in photo)


Here’s a few photos from a resource online...




When mature, males are larger, and tend to display a nuchal hump in the head. E01AAA67-83F8-4DF4-878D-38F349421F93.jpeg.ec801c5bbb2f4de7c1dd570c7efe74d0.jpeg 

If you up your water changes, and raise the quality of food you feed — i.e. black worms, live brine shrimp, daphnia, live tubifex worms, etc. — you’ll soon learn whether or not you’ve got a pair.

AND be sure you add a slanted piece of slate.

Here’s a first-in-series video...


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