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Should I add my Rabbit Snail?

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My aquarium has been set up for a week. I have Val. americana in the tank and a 2 year old seeded sponge filter. I will be getting Alternanthera reineckii and Bucephalandra Brownie Blue this week to add to the aquarium. Tested every day for the last week and get 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrite, and 20 Nitrate. Diatoms growth is on the sand along with the wood piece. Is it ready for my Rabbit Snail to be moved in once I get my new plants? 


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That's where they like it...with the "big 3" readings all pretty much perfect, I would think he/she should be good to move in.  My Rabbits are pretty demonstrative if they don't like the water quality (shriveling and puckering their bodies and hi-tailing it for the surface),  so there should be some clear physical feedback if he/she is not in agreement with their new accommodations.  One other comment I would make is that some of my Rabbits are particularly sensitive (shy) to light.  Your pic shows that your new tank doesn't have many heavily shaded areas yet,  so you may want to plan the transfer for when you can kill the tank light but still have enough natural light to see the snails behavior.  Guessing that this is the plan already.  

Good luck and lucky snail!

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@NanoNano Thank you for the advice! He/she (I named it Helga so...hopefuly it's a female 🤣) is moving like crazy in her QT tank and eating zucchini like a champ. The QT is almost identical in parameters to the new tank so hopefully it will be an easy transition. I will move her when the lights go out or put it on the lowest setting until she gets comfortable. 

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