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  1. I think it is fair to say that the most commonly known and kept species of Betta is Betta splendens. In your professional opinion, is there a species that is either very little known about or kept that you would love for it to be more readily available and kept in the aquarium hobby?
  2. @dorsalfin True! Had to look at up bit they are pretty 🙂
  3. They were an option for me as well. Love the male coloration. Hard to get females in the trade, though
  4. Oh wow! Thank you for the shot! Very serene and nice to see a nice community 😁
  5. You didn't abandon him. Abandoning implies you brought it to a shelter or let it outside too roam. You saved it from being lonely and possibly getting sick. They are people cats. They don't do well if they are left on their own like most cats. They can get depressed and fall sick sometimes if they aren't interacted enough with. You did the right thing 🙂
  6. @KentFishFanUK That is very selfless of you. Not many people would do that. I'm glad you thought of Oscar's life instead of how yours would be without him. I commend you for that. I will definitely post when I pick it out 😁
  7. I live inverts so I am a bit biased lol I'm sorry to hear about Oscar but OH MY GOD YES he is a dog. Doesn't leave you alone, follows you everywhere, fetches, needs to be told he's a Good Boy or he doesn't eat; yeah. He owns me lol
  8. @KentFishFanUK I do love the look of them and they were actually the first fish that I found I wanted! I was just worried about them killing my adult neo shrimp. Yes! That is my rag doll 😁 His name is Romeo. He's 3 years old this year.
  9. Very interesting! I will think about that. I haven't heard of them but I will do some research 😉
  10. @Patrick_G Also a BIG choice. I wanted to get two but I heard they can be monsters when it comes to shrimp.
  11. @GameCzar That wouldn't be too hard around me. They are a bright pop of color that I would enjoy.
  12. @Bobbie I was thinking about that. A Betta would be nice if it could be integrated well into a community. It's on a fish by fish basis with Bettas haha
  13. I am looking for some unique ideas for stocking! This is a 16 gallon and I have 5 baby panda corys and 3 Otocinclus sp. I want to have a school of Celestial Pearl Danios in here as well. Any interesting ideas for 1 showpiece fish?
  14. @laritheloud That's amazing! I have some pond snails, 6 Corydoras panda, 3 Otos right now. I plan on adding 2 nerites and 2 rabbit snails with a school of CPDs.
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