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  1. So I would like some advice. I have a rabbit snail in a QT Tank right now. This weekend, I am getting a seeded sponge to start my aquarium. I am leaving Memorial Day weekend from Friday-Monday to go on vacation. What should I do to make sure they bacteria from the sponge has food? Should I leave some algae wafers on the bottom to add a bit ammonia? Would that hurt the snail to leave the food in there for 4 days? Would they bacteria be fine living off of the sponge and the snail poo? I'm overprotective, aren't I? Haha
  2. @ererer Or, could I get any inert sand and mix it with aragonite sand?
  3. @ererer Out of the tap, the water has a pH of 7.1-7.2 and a kH of over 10 dkH.
  4. My soon-to-be aquarium is going to have a lot of snails and shrimp in it. It is also going to have cpds, otocinclus, and Corys. I want to use alder cones to add some cool blackwater to the aquarium and the thing with that is that i'm afraid it will lower my pH too much for the snails. So, with this stocking in mind, should I just use Aragonite Sand for them?
  5. @Tanked Okay thank you! I'll see what it is when I add water. I believe it'll be at least 73
  6. Hello everyone! I was going though the backlog of Aquariums Co-op videos (as one does) and watched "Your Freshwater Fish Tank Probably Doesn't Need A Heater" from about 2 years ago. I have been recording the room temperature for the past week and a half and I have read it in the range of 73-81. The fish (and inverts) that I plan to have are able to go from low 70s to low 80s (according to credible resources on the interwebs. The question I have is if I need to add a heater to my aquarium. Keep in mind that they light and sponge filters are not on yet so there will be some hear added from those will raise the water temperature as well Perhaps @Cory or @Irene could also weigh in 🙂 always great to hear from them!
  7. I just bought a brand new Waterbox. Fantastic aquariums, fantastic glass, fantastic customer service and price for Starphire Glass. Highly reccomend!
  8. @Patrick_G So far, I'm loving it. No need to go all the ways up to 100% brightness on it. 50% is more than enough and gives it a cool look. The aquarium it is used on is going to bed a bit of a blackwater tank so the Lominie is going to make it look eerie and I love it!
  9. @JakeMicallef05 Yes! I was thinking one large Java Fern in there or a really colorful Bucephalandra
  10. @JakeMicallef05 Thank you! I wish I had more time and didn't have to work this week so I could set it all up 🤣🤣🤣
  11. @JakeMicallef05 Okay great! First way it is 😁
  12. @Tanked Thank you for your opinion 😁 I was thinking about sanding it as well
  13. @H.K.Luterman Thank you very much! I found it at a LFS and it was like it was illuminated by light lol. It was just 4 inches too long so I chopped a bit off of the end and it figure I'll either leave it like it is or put moss over the cut part
  14. Thank you! I will try to do that. Everyone seems to like the first one, and so do I, so that will be the one 😁
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