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New ranchu goldfish problems


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Just brought 7 ranchu pet store the day they received them. Have 3 problems with them atm. I haven’t kept fish in 6 years due to lots babies so I’m learning again. I have prob half cup crushed coral in one canister for calcium. 9volt uv running when my lights are on. Also have plant light off Amazon 80$ and 2 bright leds meant grow weed so awesome for plants.

tank 7 ranchu, 15 see threw shrimp? 50 cent each, 20 pest snails and 2 Siamese algae eaters.
1. 3 ranchu have a red gills on one side I attach picture.(I’m guessing ammonia burn to bet store)

2. idk when I do a water change I have extreme pearling on plants. I have water parameters below before and after water change.

3. I have one ranch looks fine either he sits on bottom or hovers at top 2 inches below water. White stringy poop not aggressive eating like others.(if I had guess I’d say bloated give peas?)


I have 75 gallon about 3-5 inch eco black substrate. I have ozmacote at bottom of it. I have about 30 plants idk what they are came with aquarium. This setup is about month old I seeded it and it have 2, 100 gallon marineland canisters with 3 trays bio media and 1 tray corse sponge each.


also I have yeast co2 change every Friday. And no oxygen bubblers on tank I’ve never used them fish never show sign  that need oxygen. I have a lot water movement.

Atm all I have feed hakari sinking wafers l, xtreme aquatic flake and green beans. I ordered hikari fancy gold pellets. Feeding twice a day what can eat 3 mins flakes wafers atm going give peas Tomorrow. 


this mournings water 

  • pH 8.0
  • Nitrates 30
  • Hardness 300
  • Nitrite .5
  • Ammonia 0
  • KH/Buffer 200
  • Water Temperature 73


70% water change hour ago

  • pH 7.8
  • Nitrates 10
  • Hardness 75
  • Nitrite 0
  • Ammonia 0
  • KH/Buffer 150
  • Water Temperature 75





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It looks like you may have missed the quarantine step, where you'd treat for illnesses. Also red gills can be a sign of oxygen depletion. In this scenario, you'd likely be most out of oxygen in the morning before lights come on, as plants consume oxygen when the lights are out.

If it were me, I'd get the goldfish into another tank, and do some salt at 1 tablespoon per gallon to get rid of any parasites, including gill flukes. Then after that treatment, I'd follow it up with some para cleanse to get rid of internal tape worms.

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Ok added them to a small 15 I watched corys salt video to so added 8 tablespoons aquarium salt. I’ll add more few days if they don’t get better. 

the store told me if any where sick they would permafix and melafix also with salt? Did they do that just to sell me the stuff? 

ill paracleanse them and my 75 gallon ounce threw with this since says safe invertebrates plants and biological system.


Way you typed it Cory I salt treat then when finished paracleanse

i guess ok throw some wood in tank give fish hiding spot!



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Also can anyone respond I have prazipro already and someone recommended paracleanse is wayyy more expensive. The only difference I see is ingredients metronidazole and I just ordered this.


looks like way cheaper use prazipro and metronidazole on my 75 gallon tank. Paracleanse I need 100 pack 75$ and other prazipro and metronidazole 25$. 

Since I didn’t quartine and put in my new tank I guess I need treat everything lesson learned. 

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