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  1. Is this to much pump for 2 75 gallon tanks. I have total 10 air outlets on them. What would excess air pressure do? These run 30 watts and that’s 40$ for me run entire years. Or my something in 60watt diaphragm pump 80$ a year. So is medo fine with all back pressure it will have? I don’t want make muffler bleed excessive pressure. I just have no clue about these pumps any advice?
  2. I’d like to add it to aquarium with only 7 air outputs will this hurt the pump being restricted. I’ve read it will idle down if pressure high. A good diaphragm pump will be at least 90watts so in few years this medo pay for it self. If idles down control pressure I bet want use much or 45 at most.
  3. I can’t see ripples from flow because I keep water level so high. I was thinking if used air tap on outflow under water ran little airline out water. I could get outflow blow bubbles. If doesn’t create a suction I could hook air line. but pretty sure I use this tap under water line and run hose up with valve I can get spray some bubbles.
  4. I’ve been in aquariums 40 years always had this problem. Canister will stop million different reasons. So I never notice until water change if working. I have touch them or grab hose feel flow. I was curious is anything rig up to have red green light on 24/7 unless flow stops? Has be flow because it could be powered on and not working.
  5. My goldfish keep getting stuck in it. Can I tear it into like 5 sets and plant? Any clue what it is?
  6. I went with those filters recommended they cheaper then the 3 stage 10 inch 2.5 that’s stupid. So I have 3 stage if count 40 micron spindown. 0 chlorine atm says they last 30k 60k gallons depending on your water. So question is how will I know when carbon is depleted? Will chlorine be in water? I’m sure my sediment filter will clog up I can change it. But how do you know carbon block want pull chlorine out?
  7. I looked in those filters today got 2 first ones sediment that is 20-10-5-1 micron and second is 5 micron carbon. They are hella value compared other 20 inch 4.5 size. And don’t have be changed near as often as the 10 inch ones. if works well I’ll add 3rd one prob best add another carbon block 5 micron or 1 micron?
  8. I’ve been keeping fish off and on 40 years never checked chloramine because when I found out about it I had been keeping fish at least 5 years. So I figured they all be dead if I did have any dodged that bullet. So I guess use chlorine but going start calling them ever few months I guess they could switch over at any time. “Carnahan Aquifer. The City has ten wells that pull from this aquifer. As a final step, our water is chlorinated for disinfection purposes prior to sending it into the distribution system and into your home or business.”
  9. I’d say selling options lfs or not even local anything within 2 hours. Then eBay and aquabid then lastly wholesalers. Idk about heaters I live in Louisiana there never needed for me. If want make any $ breed what’s in demand zebra pleco things people seem always pay stupid for.
  10. I do 50-70% on my 125s weekly but I’ll skip week if I don’t want mess with it. If go by test strips prob ounce ever 4-6 weeks.
  11. So good to not use prime in water if I use 3 stage filter? 5 micron sediment, Granular Activated and Carbon 10 micron. I’ve seen video people have these on drip system. So I’m sure that’s safe but what about 75g change in 125g tank?
  12. Why would saying dealing with hobby breeders be against rules. All of them on aquabid and eBay and that’s approved in guildlines. Just curious
  13. My purchases better be cheap or my wife will climb up in my azz. I’m trying very cost effective it’s solid year till I’ll be done my fish room so just looking for deals. They do have cheaper 30 ppi coarse weighted 5x6 for 70ish gallon sponges 6$ on Amazon but I’ll call aquarium coop the might give bulk discount. id buy from aquarium coop even there just tad more expensive. They do need bulk discount not sales. Say if buy 100 should be cheaper.
  14. Aquabid and eBay you will get healthier fish strait up. Your buying from the person that breeds them. Don’t buy from people that buy from breeders up the price and sell to you. Also when you don’t deal breeder your dealing store handles thousands fish. The ONLY guarantee live arrivals if all die week later that’s on you. Breeder I’m dealing with I had problem 2 fish took 2 weeks to die he refunded me. It wasn’t he’s fought usps lost them for abit but he fixed me up. check there feedback aquabid and eBay and your dealing with 1 person the breeder. I recently brought from guy in Ohio. And I text him personally helps fix any problems. also all sellers on aquabid are on eBay I’d use eBay more buying protection you can get quick refund if try anything.
  15. I personally would rather have better prices and 0 costumer service. But idk why you ever need costumer service unless they mess your order up.they seem pretty solid I’ve had about 10 orders from them packed perfect.
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