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Ember Tetras - Is this Ich?


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I’ve had larger fish with ich, so it was easier to tell that it was ich. But my ember tetras are so small  and have larger white spots on 2 out of 10 of their heads. Is this ich? Do I go ahead and treat it? Just making sure before I put the Aquarium Salt in. I had a really tough time getting good photos, sorry.


10gallon, 74 degrees, frog bit and pearl weed up top, feeding 3x per week frozen foods, 1 beta fish and 10 ember tetras. Tank is like 4 months old. 


Should I change the water less? I’m currently changing it 1x per week with 30% water change plus gravel vac. Am I stressing my fish out too much with too frequent water changes? Maybe go down to 1 water change every 2 weeks? 






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