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Added Paracleanse and Fish are Floating!


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Hey everyone,

I added paraplense and one of my honey gouramis started swimming erratically and as if he had no control over how he moved, he was also gasping. I added him to a tank without paracleanse, but the other fish are still in there. I have two other honey gourami and one is also showing slight sings of the samething but I did not want to take him out if not necessary.  All of the other neon tetras, and hillstream loaches are ok. What should I do? Should I take out the other honey gourami that is sort of swimming like he is negatively buoyant. Why is the meds doing this???

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If you can remove the ones with odd behavior, I’d do that.  If you can’t, then do a water change.  Give them a few days to relax then try the meds again.  Before adding the meds, do a water check just to be sure it’s not a parameter problem.  If you get the same reaction from the same fish you might need to look for a different med.  I’d think that just like people fish can have bad reactions to medicines that for most others works just fine.

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