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Water-Haven in a Land-Locked State

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After living next to both oceans most of my life, I struggle to find water featured enjoyment here in N. Idaho. Hence, I find my enjoyment of aquarium-keeping growing exponentially - especially in the winter and especially now that I've found you'all AND survived my first three years of newbie ownership. My confidence is growing so I jumped at the chance to start a 2nd tank. But it's not growing that much - I mean, even the idea of having TWO fish tanks (let alone 127?) was eye-opening not too long ago. I'm still doubting myself and my skills, but I'm getting better at trusting the test scores.

I could have really used this journal the other day because I tried the blanched/frozen zucchini slices in both my tanks for the first time and, U was sad that nothing happened in the first 2 hours. But then, when I got home from work . . . .? They were both all gone!! Just the half-rind, smiling at me all happy. I danced a jig so hard, but nobody around me "got it". Guess I had to be here 🙂 

Right now I'm struggling with conflicting priorities, but am looking forward to keeping this journal a few times a week as I progress in my journey and looking forward to reading others' journals/posts, too! Meliora, ya'll. 

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