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Hello from BC Canada

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Im 17 and i have been in the hobby for three years now but just got back into it after a 3-4 month hiatus because my jack dempsey died. I currently have 3 tanks, a 150, a 29 and a 5.5.

150 gallon stocking

1x black ghost knife

1x bristlenose pleco

3x  electric blue acara

10x bronze corydoras

The 150 also has anubias and java fern

29 gallon is cycling and is going to house a goldfish

5.5 is cycling and is going to house a pea puffer




Screenshot_20210510-122455_Video Player.jpg





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Welcome to the forum I would recommend planting some vallisneria or Hornwort at the back of your 150 maybe add some floating plants like water lettuce Amazonian frogbit as Javan fern and anubis are slow growing plants that won't soak as much nitrate and your more likely to have algae problems in the future

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