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  1. Maybe the airstone is clogged if you have one in it, The airline tubing could also be pinched. Those are my guesses.
  2. Yea I read that they are untreatable.
  3. Just did a little research and eye flukes make the eye swell and the eye on my geo is sunken so its not eye flukes.
  4. Ive also seen a little flashing and fish rubbing against rocks. I dont see any white spots so im guessing it may be flukes. I live in canada so med are hard to get but my lfs has a vet license and csn buy meds! What prazi pro treat flukes well? I did not see any para cleanse, if i did i would just use that.
  5. This does help a lot, thanks. I know its from before it got into my tank because i saw it when i first pit it in. My guess it could have been another one of the geos or one if the delhezi bichirs it was in the tank with at the store.
  6. I bought the geophagus a few days ago and i noticed one of its eyes is messed up. The eye is sunken and cloudy, it almost looks diflated. It is swims around but tends to hang around in one area. It is eating but its seems more aggressive to the other fish in the tank. it may be a little more sluggish then the other fish but not by much.Its either a disease or a wound from when it was in the tank st the store, anyone know what it is?
  7. Im planning on getting more plants when I buy some better lights, the lights i have seem to be really low light lights and idk if they would work for those plants.
  8. Im 17 and i have been in the hobby for three years now but just got back into it after a 3-4 month hiatus because my jack dempsey died. I currently have 3 tanks, a 150, a 29 and a 5.5. 150 gallon stocking 1x black ghost knife 1x bristlenose pleco 3x electric blue acara 10x bronze corydoras The 150 also has anubias and java fern 29 gallon is cycling and is going to house a goldfish 5.5 is cycling and is going to house a pea puffer
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