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Is over filtration possible? Until recently I didn't like the idea of sponge filters however I've changed my mind about this after watching filtration videos and several reviews of the Aquarium Co-op sponge filters. I will be setting up a new 29 gallon acrylic show tank with dirted substrate within a few weeks. I plan on running two Aquarium Co-op medium sponge filters, one in each back corner along with a SeaChem Tidal 55 HOB and a Cobalt Aquatics EXT 26000 canister filter. 

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There is no such think as “over-filtration” which would be detrimental to the environment in your aquarium, but...

The scenario you describe is definitely overkill.

Detrimental? No.  But a waste of resources and money, yes.

Do yourself a favor and settle on one of those three types of filtration.  Make sure it’s sized appropriately for the application and ensure it’s properly cycled and maintained. Put the money saved towards more plant material.

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