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Guppy lover from NY

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Just wanted to post my fishy friends and share how excited am to have a place to share and ask questions that’s led by Cory/Aquarium co-op so I know everyone here is going to be welcoming, kind, and helpful. 

I started building a tank of guppies last year that failed but I’m JUST starting again now and all my fish are in quarantine with the med trio (made my tank super cloudy). I’ve been learning a lot from Cory’s videos and have begun the journey of planted tanks.
I have a black Moore goldfish I saved from Walmart last year who’s gotten HUGE and absolutely gorgeous. I saw him getting eaten alive and sucked into the filter but he quickly grew back his whole left side of his body and he’s my buddy now- name: Toothless.

In my 20 gal have 4 male guppies and many females (a breeder box and extra tank for the future fry), 3 corys (so far),and 1 lone back neon tetra survivor from last years petco mishap. Another 3.5 gal tank with a female koi betta, and my black Moore in a 10 gallon (outgrowing?!) 

I’m limited with space for my fish but I’m obsessed with having guppy fry and seeing their colors appear as they grow.

For my future guppies I have a plan: 
I homeschool two boys and can set up a tank at their house for educational purposes and for a mixed guppy tank so I can breed up my favorite type at home. Can’t wait for fry!!! 

I have plans for my betta and goldfish tank too. I’m trying to take it slow as I learn... I only just learned about Malaysian wood... also, I noticed a TINY snail in my betta tank today from a local pond store where I bought fairy moss (mistake.. made a mess...fed to goldfish).

Anyway, I can’t wait to see everyone’s tanks and fish! I’m sure we can all learn a lot from each other here where we couldn’t anywhere else. 

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” -Loren Eiseley










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