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Outdoor Pond Stocking Ideas


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I am in the process of building an outdoor pond and am not sure what to stock it with. 

I live in Indiana and do not have a place to bring the fish in over the winter, so they would need to be cold water tolerate. I have a 145 gallon pond. 

I've seen before where people will build a DIY "greenhouse" to go over top of thr pond to help warm it during the winter. 

So, does anyone have stocking ideas or have a similar situation?

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It’s 4’x2’x2’ and about 100g. I think the average size is about 6” and the oldest fish are probably 3 years. I have three Commons, two Comets and a Shubunkin. They seem happy and take food from our hands. Nitrates are under control and I haven’t needed many water changes. I’ll move them to a larger pond at some point, but for now I’m happy. 

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