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Hydra vs Gourami


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4 hours ago, Hobbit said:

I had hydra before I ever owned a single baby brine shrimp cyst 😅 and when I got my two honey gouramis, they wiped out the whole population across a 55 gallon in two weeks. So honeys will definitely do it for you!

ETA: I imagine other small gouramis will eat hydra as well.

Alright sounds good thanks for your input. Did you cut down on the food so they could target the hydra or just feed normally?

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52 minutes ago, Hobbit said:

@Josh333 if you feed them normally once a day, they will likely spend the other 23.5 hours eating hydra. 😁 So nope, no need to do anything differently. They’ll graze on random things all day even after the hydra are gone.

Oh alright thanks never kept gourami's before, sure they'll do fine in my community tank 

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