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So I'm in the research/learning phase, preparing for my first planted tank.  Talk about information overload.

I like the idea of using some smart LED lighting that I can program through an app.  So far, I've looked at the Fluval 3.0 and the Prime Freshwater from Aqua Illumination.  Does anyone have any experience with the Prime light?  It would be nice to see a direct comparison.  I'd hate to shell out $200+ dollars and there really be no noticeable difference.

I'm talking about a 29 gallon tank.  Haven't decided on plants or quantities yet.  I'm thinking about a school of neons and some cherry shrimp for fish.  Still flexible on that though.

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So, the AI lights are pricey for what you get. I have bought 4 for my 125 and I still feel I need 1 per each foot.

I own also Fluval 3.0 lights. Those are def a better bang for buck lights. Compared to the AI lights that is. Say you have a 75 gallon tank, two Fluval lights at 48 inches each would be far better light across the tank than two AI prime lights. The center of the pendent style lights made by AI, put out the most light obviously. The thing is that light drops off fast at the edges. So you need good overlap.

now on to what I recommend for people wanting to save more money and want custom light periods. The Finned ALC version is a must for folks wanting to grow pretty much anything like the other listed lights.

I only make these recommendations based on owning all these products currently. I will attach tanks with the lights I described.




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Yeah those two tanks are perfect to me lighting wise. The middle pic is two Fluval 3.0 lights on a 75. That’s $440 dollars. The 125 has two Fluval 3.0 going across the back of the tank and 4 AI lights, that’s $1000 already in lighting and I still need two more eventually. The 75 actually grows plants better.

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