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  1. I haven't tried one yet but am considering this for my 29 gallon planted tank: I like the idea that it is on the outside of the tank and that it is cheap. If you watch other videos on this guys channel, he has these on all of his tanks. I think they look pretty good.
  2. I just saw a video on this light on YouTube. Looks really nice, just expensive. I don't have one as I'm in the process of choosing equipment to set up a 29 gallon planted tank. How many you need depends on how you will install them and how far above the tank they will be. The higher the fixture, the more the light will spread (as in light up more of your tank) but it will get dimmer at the bottom of your tank. Based on the video I saw I would say a 75 needs two fixtures. For the 35 you might be able to just use one, but it really depends on the effect you are trying to achieve. Keep in mind that what I'm saying is not based on my experience but on watching this video: so grain of salt and all that...
  3. So I'm in the research/learning phase, preparing for my first planted tank. Talk about information overload. I like the idea of using some smart LED lighting that I can program through an app. So far, I've looked at the Fluval 3.0 and the Prime Freshwater from Aqua Illumination. Does anyone have any experience with the Prime light? It would be nice to see a direct comparison. I'd hate to shell out $200+ dollars and there really be no noticeable difference. I'm talking about a 29 gallon tank. Haven't decided on plants or quantities yet. I'm thinking about a school of neons and some cherry shrimp for fish. Still flexible on that though.
  4. I've got a 29 gallon tank that is currently not operational. I'm getting ready to set it up as my first planted tank. I'll be drilling it, adding an overflow and building a custom sump. As for right now I'm still deciding on the substrate and plants. I want to keep it fairly simple and low maintenance. I'm not in a hurry as I'll be constructing the overflow and the sump. Right now I'm focused on finalizing the designs for both of those items.
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