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Distilled water

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Hi all. Returning to the hobby after a very long lay off. 

Ive had issues with my local water supply, extremely hard, and want to use distilled water to start my tanks. What can I use to mineralize my water into average (middle of the road) hardness and mineral levels? 

Right now I'm working on sub strate, but in a week or two I'll be filling them and buying plants.

Thanks in advance.

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agree with cory. if your tap water is very hard (has lots of minerals), no point in buying  stuff to put in it when you can mix tap water to get minerals. if you can identify something lacking after that, then you could pursue supplements. without knowing exactly what your tap water is starting at, try a 50/50 mix and see what happens. you can always adjust the ratio as you go along.

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I've had issues with my water supply. Frankly, I do not trust them. We are constantly getting do not drink and boil orders. So I have to assume that is a compromised water source. The public are going round and round with the public water supply people right now.

My sister lives in my Mom and Dads old place in the country and has a drilled water well that I grew up on. It's pretty soft water if I remember right. It's almost a 50 year old well. Hasn't gone dry that I know of. I live in the Ozark hills of SW Missouri.

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21 minutes ago, Patrick_G said:

For me Equilibrium is quick and exact, but I’ve found it can add some particulate to the water column. Nothing major, but it’s there. 

Thanks Patrick, I can deal with that. I'm not in any rush to get fish in there anyway. Not until the conditions are perfect. Last time I did a planted tank, it involved potting soil!!!!!!!

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