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Angels just laid eggs and I have questions!!


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Ok this just happened today... What’s next???

Tank is a 90 gallon with 
2 Angels
20 Black Neon Tetras
15 X-ray Tetras
14 Cherry Barbs 
10 Peppered Cory’s
2 BN Pelcos - who are also having spawns ( 10 pelco fry currently)

Will the Angels eat their eggs? They look to be protecting them right now.


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They will eat the eggs if they are not fertilize. It can take 5 or  6 tries for them to get it right. Make sure they are actually fertilizing the eggs - as sometime a pair of female will go through the motion but the eggs will naturally never fertilize. If the eggs hatch you will end up with wrigglers (non free swimming angels) and then several days later they will begin to swim. In a community tank like yours they will have no chance so if you actually want to raise the frys you will need to remove them in the egg or wriggler stage to a sep tank or container. When they go free swimming about 24 hours later the egg sack will be depleted and you will need to feed them. bbs is a good diet 4 or 5 times a day (the bbs is only nutrtious for about 48 hours after hatching). After a week or 10 days you can probably ween them to powder food like hiraki first bite or ground up flakes. 


It is critical the water be pristine for frys (this means removing all uneaten food and frys that die  - i use a turkey blaster) as the smallest amount of ammonia will kill them.

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