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Wood and tannins

Vanessa K

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If there's already a thread about this, I'm sorry, but I'm a new member and haven't really got a hang of it yet.

My question is this: I've bought fancy spider wood, quite a lot actually, it's a problem I have. I have a small tank going, it's supposed to become a quarantine tank. I'm starting up the main tank, 190 gallons, and my problem is this: I want to get rid of at least most of the tannin, the plan is to keep the Ph as high as possible, so I've soaked it in a barrel, the wood, and keep changing the water - and yes, the water becomes less and less tea'ish. But I can see that there are flakes of "bacteria mass" floating. Gunk. What do I do? I get that stagnant water is gonna create organic matter that aren't that fun. When I'm done. How do I get rid of the gunk? (I'm not sure if "gunk" is actually a word in English, but I hope you get what I mean).

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