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ACO and Your Local Store

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My LFS may not be as awesome as the coop, but I'm still happy I can buy the Coop's stuff online easily, as well as that I can get credit at my LFS, which is only 20 minutes away. Still, yes I'm a bit jealous!

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I watch every video they put up and I just am like “dang I wish I lived near them. I would shop there all the time.” They are so cool! My favorite brand out of any brand in the world. I think it’s all in the serving and educational heart they have. They truly want to make the hobby better. Meanwhile my LFS had Celebes rainbows for $24 per fish. Haha. I see Cory’s videos and he talks about how certain fish are expensive and I then look at the prices of the nearest store and it’s easily double what they are asking. Haha. 

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Tell me about it! I’m fairly close to Aquarium Coop but as traffic returns to normal it becomes impractical to drive through Seattle to get there. (Plus a ferry ride for me)
Today I went to an old school LFS instead and boy what a difference. Aquarium Coop is clean,  the staff are knowledgeable and are customer oriented. Murphy is the cherry on top! 

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