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It’s hard to find these!! I doubt if the links below will yield anything. If you fi d them, you’d better breed them like crazy and sell strategically. 

Just Cichlids: https://www.justcichlids.com/index.php/pages/sky-blue-swordtails-for-sale.html



Check thewetspot online. Ask @Robert if the co-op finds them anywhere. 

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I just sorted my colony when I moved them 2 days ago. only about 8 made it into the new pond the rest will end up at the shop as assorted swordtails. Any that had any red on them didn't make the cut. These fish are pretty rare to find good quality ones. I see them maybe a couple times a year on aquabid. Maybe at some point mine will be breeding more true. I got mine from Karl Trochu, this strain he made from scratch so it'll be some work to get them breeding true.

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