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Brand new tank stand for my brand new tank!


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My husband has really come around to see the light on this hobby!

At first he was very opposed to me getting fish (we have four cats and three dogs). Three tanks later, he loves my fish just as much as I do and also didn't realize how much personality a fish could have!

He picked up a 75 gallon for me and then built the tank stand to match the buffet we have in our dining room. The doors are still drying but they will be hung later today. I am so excited! I have been seeding another canister filter in tandem with my cycled 29 gallon. I need to get a lid, a heater, an air pump, and some plants. Once that's all done, my plan is for an oddball tank with maybe rope fish, elephant nose fish, farlowella catfish, haven't really decided (though my heart is set on rope fish, I am having a hard time finding a source for rope fish right now).

I know you guys understand my excitement!


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