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Very Cloudy Water with Bubbles!


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I had a piece of spider wood in this 20 gallon tank with my bristle nose Plecos, the algae was unmanageable. I washed it off many times, soaked it in peroxide and ended up boiling it for hours over a couple months. The algae always came back. Last month I totally gave up and removed it. For the last 30 days since the removal, I've done 25% water changes on this bare bottomed tank weekly. I've also cleaned out the filter twice. The fish and bristle noses are doing okay and seem happy but I can't get the water or bubbles to clear up. There is a slight brownish tint to the water which I believe is from the fresh zucchini I feed. The brownish tint is also in my other tank that I feed my other bristle noses in. But that tank doesn't have bubbles and is pretty clear.  The tint can really only be seen when you look through that tank sideways. 

When i test the water parameters there good. I do have very hard water done here in South Florida but my other tanks are super clear.

What can I do to clear it up? I had thought it would get better over time but its not, well its better for a few hours after cleaning the bottom and doing the water changes but by the next morning I'm back to barely being able to see through the tank even with the light on. I don't mind the bubbles but I think its a symptom of the cloudy water. 


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