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Found 5 results

  1. I have a platy that's been dealing with some kind of scale issue below. Right around the top of his head looks like a blood spot with raised scales. There's a pimple looking thing at the base of the dorsal fin. And then two dark spots on the tail fin. I've tried researching what this is but I've found it tough to get a definitive answer. The fish is otherwise healthy (eating normally, behaving normally, active). No other fish has this issue, all the others are perfectly healthy. I'm struggling to figure out what this is and how to treat. Any help is greatly appreciated. Water Parameters: pH: ~ 6.9 - 7.2 Nitrates: ~ 40 ppm Hardness: Soft water Nitrite: 0 ppm Ammonia: Typically 0 ppm. There was a temporary rise to 0.25 ppm when I tried some new chemicals in an attempt to slightly lower the nitrates. That is when the spot next to the dorsal fin appeared (everything else was there prior when the ammonia was consistently at 0 ppm). KH/Buffer: Unknown Water Temperature: ~ 78-80 deg F FWIW, tank is heavily planted.
  2. I'm not sure if my female betta has velvet or some other disease. When I first got her she was my first fish, so she went through a lot of cycling problems and some medications because I over diagnosed her and at some point thought she had every disease a betta can get. She was never lethargic or not eating, but her skin always looked weird and she always had ragged fins. She never really looked better after I treated with meds, and recently she kind of looks like she has velvet (if I shine a flashlight on her head she kind of looks like she has rust on her head). Her skin/scales don't look too good either. The last few days two of her scales started peeling/coming off, and I'm not sure if that is advanced velvet or something. I've treated her for velvet a couple times before, but her head didn't change color so I assumed she didn't have it. I'm not really sure anymore. She's not lethargic, she is still eating and swimming around a lot. She also has cloudy eye or it might be popeye, I though that was because of bad water quality but she has had it for a long time now. In the pictures I am shining a flashlight on her pH: 8.0-8.2 Nitrates: 5-10 ppm when I tested a few days ago Hardness: around 17 dGH Nitrite: 0 Ammonia: 0 KH/Buffer: 6 dKH Water Temperature: 78 F
  3. Hello! I noticed last night that my betta seems to have some scales on his head turning a brownish bronze color. I just wanted to make sure that nothing is wrong. Background: I've had him for 6 months. When I got him he had a white head and some white mixed in on his back, so I actually thought he was a koi. However, within a week of good care, almost all the white disappeared and he's been dark blue with a few light blue scales dotted throughout for the entire time I've had him. His lighter scales don't seem to ever change locations. So I'd kinda ruled out that he's a koi, but I wanted to mention it in case these new colors could just be a koi gene. He appears to have the tiniest bit of loose skin around his bronze scales (like a really small amount. It's hard to even notice). I just rescaped my previously all silk planted tank and replaced everything with dragon stone and live plants, so maybe he just scraped himself a little while exploring? (all the plants were quarantined for a month and alum dipped.) This morning, he also has some dangling stringy poop (just a short bit). It's brown, not white. He doesn't appear to be bloated at all. He's acting totally normal, active, eating. So that's what's going on. Hopefully it's nothing but I wanted to check! The bronze doesn't look like velvet, it looks like scales to me. I only see it on his head, not his gills or the other half of his body. Nothing on his fins. Oh, he does have some missing pieces of his fins that was from fin rot, but his fin rot seems to be gone after treating it. His fins grew in about half way before kinda stopping, but they haven't gotten worse again, so I think that might just be how his fins will be now. Tank: 10 gallon Heated at 79 degrees F, filtered, fully cycled Fully planted with anubias and java fern No tank mates No ammonia or nitrites. Nitrates are around 10-20. Weekly water changes, usually 30-40%
  4. Why does my fish look like he is shedding a scale? what does this mean? I am currently treating for possible external protozones or ich with ich x right now.
  5. Tank Size: 36g bowfront, with two additional goldfish not showing any symptoms pH: 6.8 (the regular pH, per the LFS and my own tests, is 7.5) Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 10 Hardness: 100 Alkalinity: 0-40 (usually around 40-100) Temperature: 78 Right before bed I noticed my Oranda's scales are falling off. Panicked, dosed maracyn, 1tsp salt per 10 gallons, and added crushed coral. I'm not sure why the pH is so low; I've checked another tank and it's also 6.8, so I'm not sure if the water company is adding something to the water. I might wander to the LFS tomorrow and ask if they've noticed anything. I haven't changed anything in the tank in the last week; on the 19th, I added some Fluval stratum and plants, as well as moved things around. Yesterday, I fed them rinsed, cooked carrots, Hikari Vibra-Bites and also brushed off some sand from this fish. I also topped off some of the water. Today I threw in some sinking pellets they've never eaten before. Other than those new foods, they've been eating the same food (Repashy, Xtreme) as they have been since I got them in September. I did not notice the missing scales when I was looking at the tank earlier today, nor when I fed them. Is there anything else I can do for the fish? Or just wait and see? (apologies for the lighting; the only light on that tank now is a purple grow light)
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