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Found 4 results

  1. Hi! Thanks for adding me to the group. I have a problem. I have a 30-year-old (yes he is 30 - I got him in 1991) spotted raphael catfish. His name is Spot. I don’t know how much information you would like but he’s in a 90 gallon tank with other fish - 3 clown loaches, : platys, 4 black tetras, 6 neon tetras, 3 black neon tetras & 1 bristlenose pleco. We got new fish a couple weeks ago and now my clown loaches have ick and Spot is not doing well. He stopped eating days ago which isn’t really that unusual. But the white on him is turning red, he is breathing super heavy and he’s out in the open. He is actually going up to the surface of the tank to get air. If you know anything about raphael cats this is not normal behavior. I’ve NEVER seen him do this. Something similar to this happened the last time we got new fish which was back in 2016. His white spots turned red and there was red stringy material coming out of them. Back then I was told that death was eminent but I found an old forum on the Internet that suggested putting him in a quarantine tank and treating him with 2 different meds and doing water changes every day for a month. It was a rough go but he survived. As an FYI Spot also survived the massacre of 1998. My boyfriend at the time did a water change for me as a favor but didn’t know you had to use dechlorinator. Every fish died except for Spot He’s a fighter!!!!! I spent 4 hours searching for that old forum on the Internet yesterday and can’t find anything. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. I love Spot. He’s been a part of my life for so long. And yes - I am never getting new fishes again. At least not while Spot is alive.
  2. I have a platy that's been dealing with some kind of scale issue below. Right around the top of his head looks like a blood spot with raised scales. There's a pimple looking thing at the base of the dorsal fin. And then two dark spots on the tail fin. I've tried researching what this is but I've found it tough to get a definitive answer. The fish is otherwise healthy (eating normally, behaving normally, active). No other fish has this issue, all the others are perfectly healthy. I'm struggling to figure out what this is and how to treat. Any help is greatly appreciated. Water Parameters: pH: ~ 6.9 - 7.2 Nitrates: ~ 40 ppm Hardness: Soft water Nitrite: 0 ppm Ammonia: Typically 0 ppm. There was a temporary rise to 0.25 ppm when I tried some new chemicals in an attempt to slightly lower the nitrates. That is when the spot next to the dorsal fin appeared (everything else was there prior when the ammonia was consistently at 0 ppm). KH/Buffer: Unknown Water Temperature: ~ 78-80 deg F FWIW, tank is heavily planted.
  3. I’ve got a planted 180litre barb-tank. This gold barb has had a little red spot for the past 2 months. I do weekly 60% water changes as I’m pretty well stocked. ive just raised the temperature from 25c - 26.5c to see if that helps. does anyone know if this is potentially lethal and what’s the best way to go about it? thanks!
  4. tank stats: 65 gallon, community tank, heavily planted, canister filter, plus power head for added current. ph: 7.5 Nitrates: 10 ppm Hardness: 300 ppm Nitrite: 0 ppm Ammonia: 0 ppm Kh: 120 ppm temp: 78 degrees fahrenheit We have about 10 orange fin danios and have had them for approximately 2 years. Over the last month or so I noticed ones body shape slowly changing. She swam and ate exactly like the others, and I thought it odd so I did some research but found nothing about it. And time went on. Yesterday I thought I was watching her and realized it was another one of the danios with a similar body distortion. This morning I found her and was shocked! She is completely distorted and has a bulging red sore in her stomach now. I never saw her because she was hiding and not swimming with the others. We added aquarium salt to the tank last week at 1 tsp per gallon since I didn’t know what to do yet but knew something was up. (Now my crypts are melting but that’s a topic for another time🙃) But that’s the only medicating we’ve done so far since we didn’t know what we’re were dealing with and salt is a good place to start. I caught her out this morning and she is in quarantine but I don’t know what I am dealing with or how to treat it. I suspect she is not one I can save and may euthanize her but I want to try to treat her first. But it’s spreading! Now I see 3 female danios with the same shape but she is the worst. None of the male danios look odd. None of the other fish are exhibiting symptoms.(rummy nose tetras, mollies, rasboras, a betta and some cory cats.) I have found nothing helpful on the internet, some people have posted similar issues on other forums but there was no information or resolution offered. Have any of you seen this before? If so how did you handle it?
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