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  1. Unfortunately I don't have a sponge filter and I don't think I can have someone come over to feed them. Maybe I can get automatic fish feeders but feed every other day, so that the water won't get too dirty?
  2. I guess they might be fine, but the whole trip I would probably be worrying about them...
  3. I've seen those, but I've heard people say those aren't the best because they can cause an ammonia spike?? If I get an automatic feeder and do a water change before and after our trip, do you think it is safe to be away this long?
  4. My family is planning our vacation for this summer, and we would have to leave home for about 2 weeks. I was wondering if this is too long to leave my fish?? I would get automatic feeders but the water wouldn't be changed while we are gone. I have two 5 gallons betta tanks and one 20 gallon I am still stocking. I'm kind of worried because smaller tanks get dirty quicker than bigger tanks. Although I tried testing how much nitrate one of my betta tanks produces per week, and it went from 5 ppm nitrate to between 5 and 10 ppm, which isn't that much (I think). So do you guys think I can leave my fish tanks for this long? Thanks!
  5. They seem to be doing fine. I haven't seen Blueberry nip him yet, but he sometimes swims close to him and stares at him like, "Who are you??" 🤣
  6. Oooh ok, I'll definitely try that! Don't be a bad boy, Blueberry 😤 lol
  7. Oh, those one's seem nice! The only thing is that online it says they can breed by themselves? Also Blueberry seemed fine when I added the mystery snail to the tank, but later he started stalking him 😅 and tried to eat his antennae. I wanted to keep Mr. Eggy in the tank to see if Blueberry would lose interest, but I didn't want him to get eaten or something.
  8. I do have some small rocks and some superglue gel, maybe I'll glue it to that. Also I don't have much substrate so it gets uprooted a lot when I'm doing water changes. Also some random pictures of Blueberry 😁
  9. I heard anubias needs to have the rhizome above the substrate, but some of the roots of mine are also above the gravel. I've tried adding root tabs for the anacharis, but it kind of made a mess and disintegrated in the water. But maybe I'll try the easy green root tabs!
  10. Thanks! Yeah the frogbit has been growing pretty fast! I'm still not the best at taking care of plants, but at least they are still alive! 😅 A few days ago I got a yellow mystery snail who I named Mr. Eggy (lol) to clean the algae, but unfortunately Blueberry was nipping him, so I moved him to my 20 gallon.
  11. Hi, I just wanted to share Captain Blueberry's finished tank. I got him shortly after getting my first ever pet fish (also a betta), and I've had him for a little over a month. At first he was really shy but now he is always exploring his tank! I think he has even grown a little since we got him! He has a Fluval Spec V 5 gallon and a fluval m heater. He originally had fake plants in his tank, but now he has anacharis, a floating moss ball (from Aquarium co-op), anubias, and frogbit. Blueberry's favorite hobbies are eating, attacking frozen bloodworms (even though they arent alive!! 😂), laying on whatever he can in the tank, and exploring his little cave. Me (and my parents) can't watch him without laughing, he is always doing super funny things!
  12. I have an Aquaclear 30, and I am also doing live plants (but for now only anubias and java fern).
  13. I'm still setting up my 20 gallon tank, and I just bought three platies (2 females and one male). Right now they are in quarantine. I'm planning on getting 6 panda cories later, and I was wondering if I could fit more platies? I got the orange and yellow ones with black speckles (calico maybe?) and I would like to get a couple of the bluish variation, either only 2 females or 2 females and a male. I probably wouldn't keep many of the fry if they have babies. There would be no other fish (besides the corydoras). Alsooo....My platies seem to always be pooping (even though I haven't fed them yet). I've also seen them eat their poop.....Is that normal??
  14. Hi, I'm thinking about getting indian almond leaves for my betta tanks, but I'm wondering how exactly you use them and how you would keep the pH stable. My pH is 8.0, and I have really hard water, so indian almond leaves would help lower the pH for my bettas. I also heard they can help reduce stress and risk of infections. The only thing is that if the leaves lower the pH, and I do a water change every week, wouldn't that result in a lot of pH swings? So I was wondering how you can use the leaves but keep the pH stable.
  15. Yeah, that sounds good! The only thing I'm worried about is that platies are supposed to breed every month! I was thinking about getting a bigger group of them, but then I wouldn't be able to tell them apart and name them... LOL😂
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