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  1. Hey got some great news! My male has made a nest and now he is trying to get the female to be (friends) check out my pictures. How long before we can see the babies? I guess no water changes for a while until the fry are established?
  2. I agree from my experience with several types of pumps mulm should be soft enough to pass through the pump with no issue, the only issue would be hard items like rocks twigs ect. I have seen situations where the influent port on the pump will get restricted but just monitor the pump if you start to see a reduction in the effluent flow check the Intake for some partial obstruction.
  3. Thank You guys for the input I will give it a try, If they make the next generation I will post some baby pictures. 🙂 Thank You.
  4. These are my two I feel I have a male and female, the colorful one on the left is the boy he likes to chase around the other one. what would be some things I can do to help along with the breeding process I have a HOB filter that is set to a low flow, I took out the air stone. I read somewhere that I should increase the temp of the tank to about 80 degrees. What do you all think?
  5. Wow I had no idea I was doing something awesome I was looking for a place to put my house plants. Thank you all for being so helpful.
  6. Hello, I am growing plants out of my aquarium and the roots are just hanging out in the water. The plants are thriving and growing like crazy, and the roots are just in the aquarium, the fish do not mind the roots they do not bother with them. The smaller one will use it to hide and dash in and out of. My question is do the roots of a house plant growing in my aquarium have the same benefits as having plants growing underwater, I have Oscars, in the tank and I am fearful of putting plants in tank as they will relocate them for me. Thank You. I posted a upside down picture I am new to this forgive me.
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