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  1. and by the way, I'd never put 3 pea puffers in a five gall. I think I had said i would do 5+ in a 20long (with just the peas, or peas and a group of panda cory (so love corys) have a great day
  2. hey lennie, been reading that pea puffer link, that you had sent me. Anyways lotta good info there, so many thanks thats was one of the larger dwarf puff sites i have come to find (thanks to you) I will normally test tap water in fall, winter, and spring/summer (found mt tap H2O as of 3 days ago is at aprox 6.4 5gallon tank went from 7.3ppm to 7.9/8.0 40 gallon breeder set up is of course way more stable. initially bought the 5g as a quarantine tank/hopital tank, that didn't last too long so a double thank you, for that link on the pea puffer
  3. hmm, I was under the impression that its the amazon puffers that need a larger 55+ tanks cause although small they are egg scatter so not as agrressive (know as the friendle puffer cause they can be in groups I know about the live foods ,but seen some fish keepers fead tham alot of frozen blood worms etc but I've been wanting some of these guys for a few years now, but for sake of a life i of course not push it thanks to all
  4. thanks to all, tank is full of slow growing plants, and yes my 40B is alot more stable, should be testing tap since havent done it since summer time, and as far as maintenance. Well had the betta for almost 4 yrs but since its been fishless for around 6 months except for alot of large anubias and med size jave fern, ive only been doin 1/2 gall top offs and due to the mopani wood get a lot of wood particulate, so, very small siphoning of top of gravel, and filter sponge rinsing. if i do go the pea puffer route would the hardness be an issue (would really like to get a trio of peas, and crap ton of plants and get a 20long) oh and anyone think the diff water conditioner in the nano 5gall (aquarium solutions ultimate vs prime which i use in my 40B, have any effect just need a small tank for my nightstand helps me relax at night ahh guess im a nerm afterall thank yous to all
  5. anyway my hardness in one of my 5gall nanos is up too 200ppm and my PH which was around 7.4 is now 7.8 what would be best way to soften my water in that tank, my betta passed a few months ago and would really love a pea puffer for that tank, lot of anubias, and java fern windelov and and medium size piece of mopani wood also only difference between the nano and my 40B is that i started using hikaris aquarium solutions ultimate as a de-chlor/water conditioner, my thinking was small tank and according to bottle helps keep a more stable ph and kh Tanks for any input
  6. Thanks so much for the reply, thats why i will always buy/order from the co-op thanks again Zenzo glenn
  7. anyways did Cory say that the co op would no longer supply certain plants. I say this because currently the plant section has decreased by aprox 20+ plant species (mainly anubias coffefolia, gold coin, nana gold, hastifolia, even the nana, as well as bacopa, and some others i had planned on getting for my new 40 breeder I recall him saying somthing about certain farms and shortages etc. I really hate to have to buy some from the co op as well as some dry goods, and than having to buy some plants from a competitor. (i never had any worries even the 1st time i ordered plants from them, and Candi and cust service are amazing maybe someone can shed some light on the subject (id rather see some outta stock for months but still purchase them, when in stock Tanks alot
  8. now you got me curious as to what Cory's answer will/would be. I assume you are referring tothe over head rail type lights (because I would have thought at least with my experience with LEDs in a bulb, that they normally last quite a long time) as the ones i buy for home use I wanna say I use like a 50 watt and thats supposedly equal to a 100-120 watt filament style bulb, I've also used halogen overheads in my garage (they can get really, really HOT but super bright. As i use my garage to do alot of motorcycle work, and the brighter the better. I do think if they are LED bulbs than you have a good point, my friend..........guess we shall see
  9. this is from personal experience, if u paint or use the static type background and you are using a HOB filter, do not move the filter once u have it level, ive had that darn, plastic level twist knob scratch a 2 inch horizontal bare spot into the wrap, (easy to fix though just use a sharpie marker) I got my last background from amazon for less than $20- depends on size, keep a spray bottle and sharp razor near by, just did a 20L a few months ago, i have had no issues on a old aqueon acrylic tank so it should be simple the water in spray bottle was best way i found Good luck
  10. just to pitch in here, have always kept bettas even for a few years when i was outta the hobby, i always had 1-2, they always love those leaf hammocks (see iff you can the type that has 2 leaves attached (found a few styles on amazon) and the floating log that guppysnail suggested, also those tannins from the almond leaves work great, bteeder use them so the male can make the bubble nest under it. (it also keeps eggs healthy due to natural anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. Now even thou these aren't wild bettas they and many other fish do like tannins in their tank (discus, bettas, also shrimp love to eat the micro organisms that come from the leafs) hope some of this helps cause i have had a few betta that were always a little sad (i would get them jumping and eating a pellet from my finger🐟
  11. yeah thank you i just figured id give the stuff a try, my PH is where i want it but my KH is on the low side maybe around 40-50, depend on the tank, it seems like if i do maybe a 10% increase on the amount of water i change, and its back to a 6.7-7 PH and KH may go to about 60-80 (using tetra srips at moment once out will be getting the co-ops strips i will still use prime in my 20L and the 40B if i ever buy or build a stand (maybe santa will throw some extra cash my way) thanks alot for the reply (yeah i normally wont by into every claim a product makes, its like all the amazing things this or that bacteria starter will instantly allow one to add fish) most if have been exposed to temps 80 or more will kill off whats in said bottle, seeded dirty media always hepls me and adding only a certain amount of fish at once i need to test my water more than i do mainly the KH, PH, and nitrates and i know if i get corys 200 strip bottle.., well ill probaly testing daily and i will need that much for whenever the heck i get that 40B up and running (want like a 10 pk of cory cats, but guess i gotta let tank get seasoned a bit first thanks again
  12. thanks for the reply I pretty much agree and have always used prime. But yeah...theres some almost too many claims about what it does (like the one about it instantly "ages water") hows that work. I was just considering possibly using it in the 2 small tanks (ordered bottle anyway, so guess we shall see,) i want to see if it will improve my KH which is a bit on the low side. What are you using as a buffer (I do not want to increase my GH as water is very hard) Heck still got a 16oz bottle of prime a few months ago even when i get that 40B set up that prime will last a long time (you need only 1 ml per 10gall,) well Thank You, for the info and reply i appreciate it thanks again
  13. want to try this product (description sounds promising as does the reviews) normally use Prime, if anyone has used this does it buffer KH as it states (how long will that buffer last??) also for anyone that has used it will it foul purigen due to slime coat additive. Sounds like it would be good for my smaller tanks 5g and 10g (one with a HMPK Betta...other with a male peapuffer both tanks have a fair amount of slow growing epiphyte plants along with stem plants, will probably stick with prime on my 20long and 40b thats empty and mocking my lazy butt for not building a stand for it yet🙄🤔 thanks for any info
  14. Well it seems now everything is back to normal (the 1 10gall is still a bit low on the KH side, and PH now closer to 6.8) other tanks were not that bad to begin with but reading tonight are 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, aprox 15-20 nitrate, KH back to 80, PH back to 6.8/7 Did notice mt tap water is a good bit lower on the GH compare to summer (as its been awhile since i tested my h2o from the tap WELL GUESS LOOKING BACK I was in such a panic i forgot everything i learned from Cory and all us nerms THANKS FOR ALL THE HELP PEOPLE
  15. tank is 2 yrs more like 3yrs (o ammonia 0 nitrite, very hard GH low KH 10-20 (tetra strips) and PH has been around 6.8 Someone mentioned co2 and no not using it seems to have mainly dropped in my faily heavy planted 10gall (yeah in may be an old tank issue as one person had stated as for a rading of 6,3 being normal as nabokovfan87 stated than I guess i have no problems but I've always felt safe at a 6.8 PH will be ordering new test strips from coop was out of the hobby for almost 10 yrs (except for one betta, he of course did not live 10 yrs, 🥲 but always kept a 5 or 10 gall running, just jumped back in headfirst about 5 years ago WELL TANKS TO EVERYONE WHO REPLIED YOUR HELP IS APPRECIATED
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