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aquarium solutions ultimate conditioner

glenn anthony

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want to try this product (description sounds promising as does the reviews) normally use Prime,  if anyone has used this does it buffer KH as it states (how long will that buffer last??)  also for anyone that has used it will it foul purigen due to slime coat additive.

Sounds like it would be good for my smaller tanks 5g and 10g (one with a HMPK Betta...other with a male peapuffer both tanks have a fair amount of slow growing epiphyte plants along with stem plants, will probably stick with prime on my 20long and 40b thats empty and mocking my lazy butt for not building a stand for it yet🙄🤔


thanks for any info

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I have used it.  It's mostly recommended when you're using meds because it is the non-sulfur based dechlorinator, unlike prime.  That being said, I use prime day to day and don't have issues even when treating meds.

I wouldn't say this buffers KH or does anything long term to have a drastic affect, but that's not something I can prove or test.  I just get the feeling that from the amount of KH buffer I am using... the amount of dechlorinator you'd be using doesn't match up.  It says it adds electrolytes. I really don't know what that really means when you get down to specifically what is being added.

The slime coat additive (aloe) won't harm or mess with purigen.

There's a lot of claims here. Obviously it's stating it's doing something to the alkalinity.  It literally just might mean the formula uses a certain PH of water.  Again, I'm really not sure what that means.


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thanks for the reply

I pretty much agree and have always used prime.   But yeah...theres some almost too many claims about what it does  (like the one about it instantly "ages water")  hows that work. I was just considering possibly using it in the 2 small tanks (ordered bottle anyway, so guess we shall see,) i want to see if it will improve my KH which is a bit on the low side. What are you using as a buffer (I do not want to increase my GH as water is very hard)

Heck still got a 16oz bottle of prime a few months ago even when i get that 40B set up that prime will last a long time (you need only 1 ml per 10gall,)

well Thank You, for the info and reply i appreciate it thanks again

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yeah thank you i just figured id give the stuff a try, my PH is where i want it but my KH is on the low side maybe around 40-50, depend on the tank, it seems like if i do maybe a 10% increase on the amount of water i change, and its back to a 6.7-7 PH and KH may go to about 60-80 (using tetra srips at moment once out will be getting the co-ops strips 

i will still use prime in my 20L and the 40B if i ever buy or build a stand (maybe santa will throw some extra cash my way)

thanks alot for the reply (yeah i normally wont by into every claim a product makes, its like all the amazing things this or that bacteria starter will instantly allow one to add fish)  most if have been exposed to temps 80 or more will kill off whats in said bottle, seeded dirty media always hepls me and adding only a certain amount of fish at once

i need to test my water more than i do mainly the KH, PH, and nitrates and i know if i get corys 200 strip bottle.., well ill probaly testing daily and i will need that much for whenever the heck i get that 40B up and running (want like a 10 pk of cory cats, but guess i gotta let tank get seasoned a bit first

thanks again

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