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  1. They are wildly inconsistent. I tested our RO water for giggles before it got tested by the company and it showed 15-20 nitrates. The RO company came back with 2 nitrates. Try mixing the old #1 with new #2 etc and see what you get.
  2. Landscaping stone is cheap as well. I paid 15 dollars for granite and a over flowing 5 gallon bucket and majority of pieces I will never use.
  3. Crypt willisi for sure. I understand they can look different in tanks but I have lutea and willisi and my willisi looks like that.
  4. I second this. Just do your research. Majority of big fish store tanks are sealed with silicone.
  5. Why not sand the perimeter of the flat? At most that looks like a 1/16th. Level is not "true".. leveling can be a dead centered bubble but can easily be off an 1/8th over 4+ ft. That's why I love dead on measurements.
  6. Irene has this covered on the aquarium coop YouTube channel 7 reasons why you may have bubbles
  7. If you can't find chili's do ember tetras? I don't know your patience levels ha
  8. Corydoras are community fish so usually not a problem. Pygmy Cory's like to hang out in the middle of the tank as well so different levels of tank activity/swimming location
  9. Aqua huna has chili rasbora. Promo code aquariumcoop gets you 5 percent off. Ive ordered from them 3 times now and always impressed.
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