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  1. I am thinking of an African River tank similar to what MD did, some reds and hair grasses etc, mostly medium-easy plants in 2/3rds of the tank though. I don't mind putting some CO2 on in place of having the best light, but overall I want to spend a lot more on plants/fish/hardscape and spending $250 for a 6 foot light doesn't seem appealing. This is going to be a standard 125 gallon or possibly a 100 gallon acrylic, trying to keep it to a 21" depth but might end up being 24". Would love to keep lighting at $100<
  2. Hello All, I have some plants doing well right now such as sword & dragon lilys with regular lights. But I have noticed that MD and other people love to use cheap option from places like Lowes or Amazon that are just standard 6500 Kelvin lights for $15-20 rather than something that has blue & red. I do have a nice light for my reef tank, however would using only white lower plant growth? How does he also manage to get items like hair grass to grow with no Co2 and such a low tech light? His plants are doing well enough to grow, propagate and even sell, but I thought plants were similar to coral in that they need color diversity to grow wide (blue) or tall (red).
  3. Is the consensus just to buy used regardless if it looks like a great fairly new set-up for half price? Most people seem to say save money on the tank and spend more on equipment? I am assuming 90% of used tanks out there aren't low iron glass though, but rather are aqueon/top fin glass.
  4. Yeah, I was wondering on buffing the Acrlyic, I know glass probably has minor scratches that cant be buffed. I have had that happen with a used tank I bought before. luckily not very noticeable if not up close staring at it. I did see the Petsmart 125, which is what the used one is (1 year old), I could build a better stand too which would be nice. But the non-low iron glass of petsmart I am questioning, because my current 55 is low iron Visio glass and I don't want to sell it to replace with a low quality glass. It has kind of spoiled me..... especially if I only upgrade to a 75.
  5. Thank you all, I have a family member who lives on a beach where it is legal to take driftwood. I was honestly just thinking of collecting a lot, treating it to be freshwater safe, and selling the extra online to fund buying spider pieces of wood which seem harder to find. It just seemed shocking how expensive these items are. I was also thinking of using Prime Time Aquatics recommendation of landscaping stores and buying river rock, or another type he suggested. Just making sure there are no shiny pieces or chalk/soft pieces. 20-40 cents a pound seems great.
  6. One thing I am curious about watching Youtubers "price" out their new builds; other than the DIY stand, they always seem to save $$$ on hardscape. I live in California and have access to driftwood. But how do people find all these extremely cheap rock/wood/driftwood options. I have seen complex test to determine if a rock is safe, but is there any easier way (such as an existing local river)? Wanting to build out a 125 and looking to save money. Already trying to make a base 2x4 gorgeous stand with cherry wood facade screwed over it, but would love to save some money on hardscaping.
  7. Both tanks have been stored inside and are filled. I would never buy a tank not set-up or too old.
  8. No I do not know how to buff acrylic but I am sure I can figure it out. Deep scratches I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between that and surface.
  9. Hello All, I am looking to build out a new (used) 125 gallon African river aquarium and get rid of my 1 year old 55. Been in the hobby for a 10 years but never big tanks; so I was always comfortable buying petsmart for tiny tanks or spending the extra for a brand new 40-55 from Visio or Cobalt. Any advice on what to avoid or look for in these two local options: (1) Acrylic with solid wood stand (a must so I can sand and paint it white). Owner said it could use very minor buffing, the tank is 7 years old. He is asking $650 which seems high for a used 125 (albeit I don't want his substrate/equipment so maybe $500 if I am lucky). 5x2x2. Currently full of water & stock (2) standard 125 glass with solid wood stand (albeit I have to replace the cabinet doors because its a horrible style). Unknown tank age, seems dirty in the photos but looks like maybe just grime at where the water level fluctuates, currently is 3/4 full of water. Asking $450, probably will come down to $350. Thank you
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