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  1. I swear, if you could break a tracking number, Aquarium Co-Op's would be toast! 🤣
  2. Personally, I try to keep it between 1-2 PPM. Keeping it a higher PPM is virtually pointless to me, because eventually that's all just going to get converted to nitrates which would be required to water change out at that point. Once all of that Ammonia has turned to nitrites, keep the same dosage of whatever you were applying. At that point in the cycle you shouldn't be reading any Ammonia and strictly nitrites, or you'll just keep increasing the bio-load in a never ending cycle, literally 😆Goodluck!
  3. The first thing I think of when you describe a white patch on the head is the disease "hole in the head". It usually occurs because of parameter problem in the aquarium and some fish are more sensitive to those toxic parameters, even if other fish show no signs of discomfort. It could be a nip from a fish, sometimes fish bruising can turn white. Keep that water very clean, the more water changes the better. I'd increase either your volume or frequency of water changes temporarily, if it doesn't get better within a few days I'd start treatment with your go to bacterial disease treatment or light amounts of salt.
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