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  1. Very surprised, I placed an order Thursday afternoon the 2nd and this morning Saturday 4th it arrived by noon! That is fast! It was suggested that Pennywort eat the nitrates, so that's one plant. Dwarf Hairgrass is another for a front clearing I want carpeted. Ammannia Gracilis looks similar to Scarlett Temple plant, but it's not offered at this time at the Co-op, so I'm hoping to get some red growth out of it. Plus some new food, test strips, EasyGreen looking forward to some new growth and a healthy tank.
  2. Thanks Miss Lizzie, I have been tring to find the How to for this forum. It was shown when I first signed up but I haven't seen it since. This post of yours should be very helpful.
  3. In the past, I used chlorinated water to clean and then to refill the canister. The last 2 changes I rinsed out the canister trays with tank water and refilled the canister with tank water. Hoping to not disturb the bacteria too badly. Guess it didn't work to good this time.
  4. Thats good to know. Isn't half the water too large of a change? Currently nitrates are a little down between 80 and 165. Nitrites was near zerro Hardness 150 Ph was between 6.2 - 6.8 And my tap water was basically neutral water hardness was 75 on the soft side.
  5. The lone Honey Gourami, I wanted to add more but after 6 months of being a lone would they just fight?



  6. The 2 bristle nose plecos are 2nd generation. 1 of 2 hillstream loaches is in a pic. Hoping my moss wall will fill out quicker once I get the Easy Green ordered.
  7. Took some time to enjoy the tank and post some pics. My past 20g the plants grew great, I guessed it was because of the undergravel filter. So when I set up my 65g last January, I installed it back & center of the tank plus a 3 stage canister. In the back of the tank are the bubble tubes at the surface is the exit water jet running through the path of the bubbles...seamed like a good way to airate the tank.
  8. My water changes were about 6 gallons each. I plan on getting the water tested tomorrow. Getting ready to place an order to the Co-op, will be getting Test Strips amoung other things. Last time I tested the tap it didn't get much of a reading except the water was slightly on the hard side.
  9. Thanks, where do you get NitraZorb from? Haven't heard of it before. Can it be used in smaller doses to avoid harming plants?
  10. Hi Guppysnail, Your aquarium looks great! Currently, I have a small variety of Split Leaf philodendron with its roots in the water, though it has gotten new growth it's not that impressed with the aquarium arrangement probably would like more light, where as the phothos can deal with lower light better I think.
  11. Galabar, thanks for your suggestions. I hope to add a pothos to the top of the tank. I have an open gravel area in the front middle of my tank that I want to have a plant carpet area...do the dwarf grasses require a C02 drip? I planning on trying Scarlet Temple Alternanthera Reineckii again, hopefully the Co-op has them in stock.
  12. Hi thanks for your reply. The water test chart I have from PetSmart reads 160 unsafe level as of a weekago. 0 - 20 is considered safe. I have done two water changes this week and have tried over dosing with SeaChem Prime. Last Saturday I used a cap full to help detox the nitrates. The instructions suggessed a cap full for 150g tank I have 165 so that seemed a safe first step. After the 2 water changes I had the water tested again Wed, there was some improvement probably around 100 -120. My tank tend to average 60 for the nitrates. Alkalinity is low near zero the store attendent said that should rise as I bring the Nitrates down. Also, ammonia and nitrite is zero or near there. PH is 6.8 or .9 in that area.
  13. I have been out of the loop for awhile working 2 jobs my seasonal job at the Wa State Fair besides my regular job, but now I that my extra check has arived I have a little spending cussion. Last weak, I cleaned out my cansiter filter for my 65g aquarium and my nitrate are out of wack again. what Co-op products should I order to get things back in order again. I have a decent amount of plants, but I would like to get some that target nitrates more. Currently I have several anubias plants which are slow growing, about a month ago I added 2 African Sword plants and they are starting to get some nice new growth, and some Java ferns, Wisteria and I am developing a moss wall with Java moss and an other variety of moss. I'm usually pretty good with plants, but I managed to kill my dwarf Chain sword and my Pearl Weed from the Co-op. In a video from the Co-op I saw you could leave the plants in their pots and they would spread from there, latter i saw they cut the bottom off the planter pots don't know if that would of helped. The sword didn't like being left in the pot at all and fadded away. The Pearl Weed was doing very well, but I tried getting it to root in the substrate by putting some gavel over it...bad idea. I finally pulled that pot out and there were a cupple of tiny green leaves still there. I'm trying to revive it in a sperate container. Does anyone have trouble with a few zebras, dandios and penguin tetras getting along with guppies? The guppies are gone now, but the other 3 are doing great together. Well that is my aqua adventures for this post, have a good week, Cisco C
  14. Here my bristle nose pleco that I rounded up for their trp to the aquarium shop. The other pic didn't turn out with the albinos.
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