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Found 5 results

  1. Ok so my 20 gallon long planted tank is cycled, and I plan on getting a betta fish for it, but I want to make sure that I do everything properly. Is it ok to put a betta fish in a planted tank that isn’t balanced yet? I wasn’t sure if the plants melting would be considered a “habitat change” and stress out the fish, especially if a plant dies and I’d have to remove it. Can I “quarantine” fish in my main display planted tank? I know it wouldn’t be quarantine technically, so I guess I’m asking if I could dose the medication trio in my main tank? I don’t know if it’s a good idea or if it will affect whether or not I could put fish in that tank I the future. Would the medicine affect the plants or beneficial bacteria? I just figured since my main tanks already cycled and if the medications are safe for plants and bacteria it might be worth considering? For an actual quarantine tank does it need to be cycled? I’ve read some conflicting information about this. Some say medication will kill beneficial bacteria so it’d be pointless to cycle the tank and to do frequent water changes instead. Others say medication will not affect beneficial bacteria and not to do water changes as it will affect the medicine dosages and what not. Thoughts? How to properly acclimate fish? I’ve seen many people say to float and drip acclimate, but I saw one person say that drip acclimation could be harmful for fish that are shipped. Something about as soon as the bag is opened the CO2 releases and causes the ph to rise and then the ammonia becomes deadly or something? Does that only applies to fish that are shipped? Should I just float or drip acclimate too? Normal vs abnormal betta fish behavior? Im very paranoid about not being able to recognize whether or not my fish is stressed or sick. What behaviors should I expect from my betta fish if it’s happy and healthy? What behaviors should I be concerned about? I know that once I add the fish to the tank it might be stressed, but how long is too long for it to be stressed out do to it’s rehoming? I’m going to do more research on this before I get the betta fish but I figured I’d also ask while I’m here. Is it ok to not feed the fish for the first week while in quarantine? I know it’s one of the steps for medicating the fish, but I just wanted to triple check and make sure that’s safe? Should I bother trying to raise kh? the kh in my tank is super low <1 and the gh is really high. Should I try to raise kh? I know most people say that messing with gh or kh can cause more headaches than they’re worth and not to worry about it, but just as many people say that kh that low is dangerous. Thoughts? Thanks in advance :)
  2. Hey guys I was hoping some advice on what to do with my quarantine tank while I go on vacation. Right now I have an empty quarantine tank that is waiting some new purchases, however I will be going away on vacation at the end of the month, and I don't want to burden my fish sitter looking after fish in there, especially since she will not know what to look for or treat if anything goes wrong. So right now the tank is cycled, has some frogbit and some tiny snails hanging out in it, but I am wondering how to keep that up and going the week I am away. I was thinking of getting some more plants (moneywort and a couple crypts) to add to the main tank, and was going to store them in the quarantine for the week I was away, would that help? I really don't want to loose the bacteria I got in there, so am wondering if there is a good way to keep them intact while I am away. Should I also do a dose of Easy Green before if I go this route? I would really like to get my next fish when I get back and use the quarantine tank.
  3. Ok here is my situation I been cycling my aquarium for over 6 weeks now, and I finally thought it was cycled because I got my readings at from 0.25 ammonia, 0.25 Nitrite, and 0 Nitrate about my 6th week in the cycle I finally got 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrite, and 10 Nitrate so I thought I was cycled, so I waited a couple of days to get my starting fish then on my 3rd day of getting the fish my Nitrite started appearing again at 0.25 no ammonia and 10 Nitrate, so I did a 50% water change and got better to 0 then the same day wich is today started going up everything ammonia at 0.25ppm, Nitrite at 2.0, Nitrate 20 or 40ppm what's going on am I cycled or not I'm I I had hair I would be pulling them out because is so discouraged and feel like quiting please some one help this poor guys I can't even sleep I'm putt fritz comple to keep them somewhat safe but not sure what else to do oh the only thing I can find a suspect is this stupid sponge Bob pineaple Ornament and is out just incase it was that sorry for this been so long story please halp.
  4. Im so confused! The tank details: I just set up this 55 gallon. It has a fluval fx4 with a heater, bubbler, prefilter, and spray bar. I added the monte carlo about 3 weeks ago and the other plants about 3 days ago. The monte carlo was a tissue culture, so all the terrestrial leaves are melting and new ones are growing in, as well a new roots. Ive added easy green and easy carbon around every other day for the last week and a half. I also added cycled media from my old tanks and beneficial bacteria starter liquid. Now for the problem: I just checked my nitrates and the its sitting really high, around 40-80ppm (i cant really tell which color it is based on the chart). The ammonia is at 0ppm and the ph is around 7. I think it maybe all the melting from the monte carlo causing a spike in ammonia->nitrates. Ive never had this happen during a tank start up. Also, should I do a large water change. I have ludwigia in the tank and have read they dont like dramatic changes in water parameters. If I should, what percentage do you recommend? Update: I just moved into this new apartment thats a few blocks away. I assumed the water was the same. However, this is the reading of the faucet water with dechlorinater in it. Nitrates: 20ppm, ph is at 8.2., ammonia is at 0~0m25ppm. Is this normal? Also, after a 50% water change my waters sitting at about 40ppms still and ph is now 7.8. Should i do another 50% water change?
  5. Hello Fish-Folks! I am preparing a new tank which will be home to my first Discus fish, and I would like to establish and cycle the tank before it is stocked. I have heard about the fish-less cycling technique; seeding bacteria with “Stability” and feeding them with household ammonia. My question is; how high a concentration of ammonia should I be maintaining in the water for this to be effective? I routinely test using the API master kit, and plan to measure the concentration of ammonia by adding and testing, but how many ppm should I be aiming for? My gut feeling is something like 2ppm, topping up as necessary to maintain that concentration and running like that for a month or so. What are your thoughts? Thanks In advance Folks!
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