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  1. I think it’s the root tabs like Mmiller2001 suggested. Some root tabs are made without nitrates for this exact reason. I also imagine you could plant more heavily as Isaac suggested or fertilize less/not use any at all and see how that goes.
  2. Try 50%-70% weekly water changes. Do you use CO2? I imagine that would help with nutrient uptake. Maybe you don't need root tabs if the nitrates are too high? You could just dose micro nutrients instead. Have you tested the tap water for nitrates?
  3. I agree that Stratum is annoying to plant in. Especially carpeting plants.
  4. 1. Yes salt water. 2. Yes probably but they will begin to decompose if they're not eaten. 3. You could run an airstone in a plastic tub filled with salt water (essentially a pond or aquarium). It wouldn't have to be a hatchery.
  5. Amano shrimp at full adult size get pretty large compared to the fish in your tank, so I'd say maybe three. That type of string/hair algae only shows up in my tank when the lights are on too bright and there are too many nutrients in the tank. You could try reduce either of those two things and still avoid manual removal.
  6. Thanks for the replies! I had the question and found only one other person on the internet had asked (that I could find via google.) So I essentially just copied and pasted the question here. I don’t have guppy or minnow fry to feed and understand they don’t really require infusoria to rear. I read online that some people keep scud cultures in their canister filters and they help eat all the detritus which helps maintain water quality. I was wondering if infusoria could work in a similar manner in the water column, as evident by bacterial blooms clearing up as the infusoria consume them. Also still wondering how nitrifying bacteria is farmed and concentrated as it’s done with products like API quick start and Seachem Stability if anyone is able to answer. thanks!
  7. Hello, a question regarding infusoria I've been culturing. I have a thriving colony of paramecium and other small life to feed my guppy and minnow fry. My question is -does the addition of these tiny critters, and the bacteria they're feeding off, affect or benefit the chemistry of the tank water?I've tested the brew, (pH, ammonia, nitrite & nitrate), and it always just reflects the aquarium water I use to top up the jar after each feeding. Will adding healthy infusoria speed or support an aquarium's nitrogen cycle? Also curious as to how bottled nitrifying bacteria is made and concentrated. thanks!
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