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  1. Apart from the Tanganyika thunderdome tank, I was extremely impressed with the selection and layout of it. The whale shark tank was absolutely stunning and the freshwater layouts were inspiring. General public aquarium discussion is welcome here or the Georgia Aquarium in particular.
  2. The babies are about 1/2-3/4 inch long and still grouped at the back of the breeding cone. I moved them to a bucket with a partial mesh bottom and added a well established sponge filter(they are in a 110 gallon plastic trough) because I have a lava rock bottom and I don't want to spend literal hours catching the young. Was that smart to do and what should I be feeding them?
  3. @Andy's Fish Den @Randy Would you know if the Aquarium Co-op baby fish food is a good replacement or supplement for brine?
  4. @Bill Several times I get them to be free swimming but they all die before taking in food. I have brine shrimp and I am now prepping infusoria for them. I understand that the young stay attached to the yolk sac for the first day or so and I try to wait around a day to start feeding them it. Thats what worked with my only successful spawn.
  5. Hey Randy, big fan of the podcast. I have several other breeding projects, namely guppies, keyhole cichlids, and dwarf rainbows. Its all just a big waiting game for them to reach maturity.
  6. Hey guys, So I have a mated pair of angelfish that produce eggs every 8 days or so. The problem is that I am having a difficult time getting the fry to survive past wiggler stage. I have had one successful spawn by keeping the eggs with the parents, but they ate the fry after laying another clutch of eggs and have eaten two other clutches when I tried to replicate that. They have had roughly 20 spawns so far, and I have tried various things to keep them alive including but not limited to: switching from methylene blue to peroxide, aerating at different rates, varying sizes of water changes, keeping them in a glass jar in the fish tank to keep the temperature the same. I am getting discouraged but I don't want to give up yet. Any help or tips would be appreciated.
  7. I'm starting to breed angelfish and I would like to expand what I am doing. I understand culling obvious deformities such as twisted fins or bent spines, but what should I look for with general looks? Is it better to go for fry that have a certain pattern or just one that catches my eye? Also general tips for angelfish breeding would be appreciated (I've watched all the videos of Dean's room).
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