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  1. It has been 12 days and this is where I am at, and still totally at a loss. The pH of the water from the tap is reading 7.0 with the API master test kit. The pH of the tank water has been reading 7.6 pretty consistently the pat 12 days. When I test the High pH it is showing 7.4. The ammonia has still not gotten over .25ppm. Nitrite is still reading 0 Nitrate is still reading 0. I have stopped adding prime to control ammonia based on your advice. I did add prime to the tap water to do 1 25% water change after 1 week. I also did do 1 dose of the MicroBacter Start XLF to try and help the nitro cycle along. I am not sure where to go from here.
  2. So I found out that our water has chloramine. I should still add prime to the tap water when it is time to do a water change, correct?
  3. At what point should I do a water change to help with the ammonia? Should I just do water changes to control the ammonia and only use Prime if there is a big spike at this point? Thank you for all of your help
  4. Sorry, as I may not understand this properly. Should I stop using prime then to help the cycle along? At what point should I use prime in the process? Since I have not done a water change should I start back up doing regular 25% water changes since there is so much prime in the water? Shoukd I try to raise the pH? Thanks for all of the help.
  5. Yes, if we get another fish in the future that is what we will.do. At this point I am just trying to figure out why the jump from ammonia to nitrite is not occuring. When I do the water changes the ammonia drops lower so in my mind if I do not back off on water changes then there is less ammonia to help the cycle along. Thanks everyone. I'm going to try to hit all the points right now. Up until 3 weeks ago I was doing two to three water changes of 25% a week. However I have not done one for a few weeks thinking that that could be diluting the ammonia too much and that's why the cycle was not starting. However even after 3 weeks the ammonia never gets above .25. I use an API Master test kit to take all of the readings. Some other groups online have pointed out about having to follow the nitrate test procedures precisely and I have done that as well but still I have never registered nitrite or nitrate. As for surfaces for the bacteria to grow, I have standard aquarium gravel, then I did add a filter sponge over the water spout to control the current and then I also have the black sponge type filter that came with the aquarium. The pH has been holding steady at 6.8 for a few months now. I am just stuck because when I was doing regular water changes the cycle wasn't going and then when I stopped the water changes and just relied on the prime to control the ammonia it's just never got above .25.
  6. We are 4 months into a fish-in cycle for our 1 betta in a 5 gallon aquarium. I posted awhile ago about a sudden pH drop and we have gotten that issue taken care of. However, we have not ever registered nitrites or nitrates. We use Prime daily for the ammonia, which has never risen above .25. We have added API Quick Start and Brightwell MicroBacterStart XLF. Our Betta's fin rot is progressing so we are getting desperate trying to figure out what to do. Any advice is appreciated.
  7. So it has been about 2 weeks and I still have pH dropping especially after water changes. Today's test is off the chart low. I am also once again getting 0 ammonia, no nitrite, and no nitrate so no nitrogen cycle. Our tap water out of the tap is in the neutral range. After letting it sit 24 hours it is a bit lower, but nowhere as low as it is now. We have very hard water could that be having an effect? I am just not sure what our options are at this point. Any ideas are appreciated.
  8. So I let the tap water sit out since last night. The pH is definitely lower after sitting than coming straight out of the tap. However, the pH in the aquarium is still lower. Ammonia is still at 0, but nitrite and nitrate are still showing 0 as well. I have as yet to have any detectable nitrite so I am thinking the nitrogen cycle has still not started. I have used Quick start intermittently, but Seachem Prime mostly. The highest the ammonia ever got has been 2.0. Thank you for all of the info. I do feel better about the pH as the drop has not been as drastic or fast as I first thought since the water has off gassed while in the aquarium. However, should I be concerned since it is reading between 6.6 and 6.8? As for what we think is fin rot here is a pic. The bottom looks more stingy towards the front. Thanks again for all of the help!
  9. Hello, we have had our Betta for a little over 4 weeks now. The pH had a rapid drop from 7.2 to about 6. The aquarium is still cycling and the highest the ammonia has gotten was 2.0 and we have not detected nitrite yet. Now the ammonia is reading 0. We are using an API Master Test kit. I did find some searching online and came across an ammonia trap, but I am still a bit confused about why pH would drop so much. I did do a 50% water change yesterday, but the pH is still below our regular 7.2 readings. Should I continue regular water changes? The complicating factor is that we just started treatment for mild fin rot and the instructions say not to change water until 7 days of treatment. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!
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