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  1. I have one at my work. It has a betta and a couple of snails. Kept it as basic as possible because there are 3 others who share the offie.
  2. Just wanted to give a quick update on my 10 gallon with a bacteria bloom. I did end up having to do a 50% water change this morning as the tank developed a bad protein build up and the bubbles were just filling up the tank and not popping. Not sure what the cause was other than an ammonia build up. I don't use any soaps or anything when rinsing off decor or filters. the ammonia was higher at five. I am using ultimate as well stability in the tank while I wait for my two orders from aquarium coop to come in (A little pissed at UPS at the moment). I will be keeping a close eye on it and keep doing water changes as needed. I also added a second sponge filter to help with the load of the tank.
  3. Thanks for the advice. I will continue to monitor and do water changes if I need to.
  4. When I checked it this morning. Ammonia - .5 Nitrites - 0 Nitrates - 0 Ph - 6.5 (my water is normally 8.0 or higher so I am thinking the drop is from the wood) I don't remember what kh and gh were. I have added crushed coral to help raise the ph. I will test it again when I get home. I use ultimate with each water change.
  5. I'm pretty sure I killed the nitrogen cycle. I completely reset my 10 gallon cause I didn't like it. Changed the substrate and added rock. I did soak the rock and rinse the gravel. The sponge filter is the same and one piece of wood in the tank had been in their before. Water was clear when I first set it up and now it's cloudy. Did I cause a bacteria bloom? The first picture is right after reset the second picture is this morning.
  6. LOL no next aquarium I have no room and I live in an apartment.
  7. So the stocking is red rosey minnows, 4 long fin zebra danios, four kuhli loaches, a ghost pleco, one mystery snail, and I don't know how many malaysian trumpet snails. The tank also gets a water Change twice a week as I know it is over stocked.
  8. Since I have redone this tank and added the fluval stradium it has been thriving. I did take out the Java ferns and added a bunch of the water sprite that has over grown my 5 gallon tank. The water sprite has been doing great and growing new shoots. I am also using a Fluval aquasky light at the moment but do plan on ordering an aquairium Coop light soon. Also added some Rosey red minnows to the tank. The Dwarf hair grass is not thriving but it hasn't died either. Left in the anubis plants as they are doing fairly well.
  9. My airline tubing gets hard always as well. I am also in CO and my water is very hard.
  10. I went ahead and redid the tank. I just couldn't stand it. There is a layer of fluval plant stratum on the bottom and a mixture of black and white sand since I didn't have enough clean white sand. I did go out and get get some dwarf hair grass and a Java windelof. All of the Java's are attached to pieces of wood. I already like it ten times better. Just hope I can keep the plants growing. There is also a large piece of water Sprite floating in there that came out of my five where it grows like a weed. I hope it survives any other time I had put in a piece it up and died and just disappeared.
  11. @JettsPapa Yes I just added the second one as one light doesn't go completely across the tank. I know in the future I should replace it to a light that goes the entire length of the tank but I have a lot going on this month and just don't have the money to buy a hundred dollar light. The current light I have on the tank is a Marineland LED Aquarium Light Bar. I just feel like it isn't enough light even though all the plants in that tank are classified as low light plants.
  12. There are no nitrates in my tap water. Our water is just hard. I like the idea of using Pogostemon Stellatus Octopus as a background. I've never had any success with crypts they just die on me. The image is what my tap water comes out as
  13. Thanks for the thoughts. Would it be ok to put fluval plant stratum as a bottom layer with the sand on top. There is definitely a decent flow in that tank. It did put a small but tall piece of mopani wood under the HOB to help with some of out flow also have the HOB on the lowest flow setting. I really want the tank to have a jungle look with corkscrew val or another tall background plant.. But it is so hard for me to get corkscrew val. Was thinking about ordering a bunch of val or jungle val (from aquirium Coop) but I want something that stays more in the background with a carpet in the front. Possibly dwarf hair grass or dwarf chain sword.
  14. Hi all I am mainly a lurker, but have been around for quite a while. I have 2 fish tanks one is a 5 gallon and the other a 10 gallon. My 5 gallon I love. Fully planted and haven't had to a water change in at least 6 months. Just top off with fresh water when needed. My ten gallon however has become the bane of my existence. I have had the tank for about 5 years and no matter what I do I can't seem to get it to look nice. Water parameters are 0 ammonia, nitrite 0, Nitrate 50 ( no mater what I do) GH 150, KH 120-180, PH 7.8-8. I am running an oversized sponge filter along with a Top fin Pro 30 HOB. There are some Java ferns that are failing and to Anubis also have some bamboo. 3 that are doing good and one that seems to be turning yellow. I have two Marineland LED aquarium light bars on it cause I felt one wasn't producing enough light. Fish in the tank are four zebra Danio's, one mystery snail, Clown Pleco, 3 kuhli loaches and a bunch of Malaysian Trumpet snails. It gets weekly water changes as well cause that is the only way I can keep the nitrates at bay. No ferts at the moment since it just makes the nitrates sky rocket, but would usually be using easy green. First tank is my amazing 5 gallon and the second is my 10 Gallon (Not happy with Tank) I would love to hear anyone's ideas, suggestions, tips on how I can make this tank thrive. I would like to have it fully planted as well.
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