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Green slime algea (maybe)???

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I don't know what else to call it other than green slime algea. It forms at the top of the tank on the water sprite. Is dark green in color and slimy to the touch. Is it possibly from to much ferts? I have gone from dosing once a week to twice a week. I use easy green and usually do 2-3 squirts. Or too much food? I feed a mixture of extreme nano, krill flake, spirulena flake all mixed together. I feed once a day.

Details about tank it is a ten gallon tank. Fish: 15 white clouds, 2 clown plecos, and at least 10-15 shrip. I know the tank is over stocked but it gets water changes twice a week. Hard scape, there are rocks as well as two large pieces of wood in the tank. Live plants are anubis Nana, java fern and water sprite that floats. It has a sponge filter running with an easy flow adapter on it to help with water circulation. The light on the tank is a fluval aquasky that I have set to come on at 7am and goes to night time mode at 7pm then off completely at 8pm.

The ph has tanked in the tank. living in Co our water is very hard. I do let the water sit before adding it into the tank. I do have crushed coral that I can add to the tank to bring up the ph but I'd like to get this algea under control as it was never an issue before.

The first picture is of the current water parameters. Ammonia was at .05ppm. The second picture is of the algea itself.



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That looks like a type of hair algae to me, its similar to blanket weed if im reading you correctly. For me cutting down on nitrates/phosphates helped reduce the issue.

Also, running polyfill to polish my water helped immensely.

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Get a couple amano shrimp.  They are fun to watch and have picked half of my tank so clean, I am worried there will be enough food for the other algae eating critters..

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