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  1. Thanks Mick. Ill do that. Much appreciated. 👍
  2. Hi, I very new to sumps. I recently purchased a new tank that came with one so I threw myself into the deep end with that. I have only ever had HOBs so find the sump a bit scary. Can I do a water change and just change the water in the sump and not the tank if I don't want to gravel vac? I also packed my sump full of sponges there are no bits empty - is that overkill. I have a little bit of bio media in there in between some layers but not much. I would appreciate any advise on how best to use this sump.
  3. Thanks. :D The supports for the light actually came with the tank. Its an Aqua one marine tank but Im using it for fresh water at the moment.
  4. Ive only been in the hobby for about a year and I love it. I have 5 tanks so far. 1 community tank. 2 betta tanks and 2 shrimp tanks. I still have so much to learn and looking forward to getting involved in this forum.
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