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  1. Good day all, I had an extra tank and picked up a m/f pair of fundulopanchax oeseri killis and I dont know much about them. Have tried youtube searches and google but have found very little other than to put them in a planted tank and keep a lid on them at ALL times. Any help would be highly appreciated. Best regards, Ricky
  2. Thanks guys, I did take out some hornwort from the big tank to kill some hair algae but still doesn’t explain the other 3 tanks, will age some water now for water changes tomorrow
  3. Hi guys, I have 4 tanks, all planted and all different sizes. I have been running all between 6-3 months. I did a 30% water change on the big tanks (40&29)and topped off the smaller tanks (20L with 3 guppies & 10 shrimpand 3 gallon with 7-10 shrimp). I did the water change on Wednesday and tested the water today (Friday) and I have ammonia at 0 but nitrates at around 60- 80 on all tanks. I did dose with ez green on all tanks. Is this normal or what can I do to bring down my nitrate? thank in advance Ricky
  4. Thanks Maggie, sorry I should've specified and it's a 20 long. I think I have a medium in it right now and it looks too big...and you are running them on the nano pumps right? I just want to make sure I have enough filtration
  5. @Maggie, what size sponge filter are you using in your tank? I ask because I'm trying to figure out if its sufficient running a small in a 20g or if I should use a bigger filter. Conversely, I also want to run sponges on my 40g cube and was thinking running 2 small or maybe medium to increase filtration.
  6. I am setting up a brand new 20L for guppy fry in like 1-2 weeks. Only problem is that the HOB that I bought does not fit in the space where I am going to put the tank in so I cant steal media from my other tanks (sponge, floss, ceramic). My only other option is to put in a sponge filter. Was thinking of maybe zip-tying some sponge or floss to the sponge filter and running it that way or just dropping in some ceramic rings in the tank. Any suggestions on how or what to do here in this situation?
  7. Hi guys, just got a pair of discuss and having problems with them eating. Seems like the are really skittish and just worried they are not getting enough to eat. Was thinking of mixing some repashy for them but not sure if thats a good idea. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated
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