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Found 13 results

  1. Interesting video by Jason at prime time aquatics. I am not trying to change any minds, I just don't believe all the myths out there.
  2. I’m on the tail end of doing a fish-less cycle. I’ve been running a canister filter during that time. In the canister is that fine poly-fil, polishing type of media. Since there is no actual fish to gunk it up. Would you replace it as if there were fish gunk in it or leave it until there are actual fish in the tank to gunk it up? It’s been about a month + a week since day one. Trying to figure out a game plan for when the tank is ready for fish. Leave the media in place and reset the maintenance clock to zero after adding fish or go through maintenance like normal when you have an established tank before adding the fish?
  3. I have a question about rinsing anything that you put in your tank. Specifically filter media that is new out of the box. Is it OK to rinse it under tap water. If so what is the process after to make it aquarium safe. I just added purigen to my tank last night to remove the tannins from drift wood. I took some tank water and rinsed it as best I could. I woke up this morning with no tannins but a whiteish hhaze.i can assume from not riding the purigen well enough. TIA
  4. Good evening, So I am trying to educate myself about biological filtration media. Is it necessary or is it a gimmick? OK, gimmick might be too strong of a word, and I do use it in my FX6. I'll also admit that I am a gimmick guy. If something claims to help me or make things easier, I'll take a look. Anyhoo, if beneficial bacteria will grow on any surface, and only grows to take care of the load in your aquarium (so you can't have more BB then needed), what use does it actually serve? I have come across that some media would allow the growth of anaerobic bacteria which can consume nitrates (if my reading is right). So would that be the real reason for it? Otherwise like I said, is it more gimmicky then actually useful? Please be kind, rewind. Thanks! Jacob
  5. Hi all, I have been seeding a canister filter on my cycled tank for a couple of weeks now (can't remember if 3 or 4 now). My husband and I are going to be making a 6 hour total trek to pick up the fish I plan on stocking my new tank in. Right now this tank does not have any fish, just some plants and whatever hitchhikers came with them. If I transfer the seeded filter before we go, I don't think there will be anything for the bacteria to consume and I don't want them to die. Is it best to wait until we have returned with the fish to install the seeded filter?
  6. Hi, I am going to be getting some established, disease free filter media from a reputable LFS but it is 40-60 minutes away. Does it matter how I transport it or can I just put it in a bag with some tank water? I don’t want to get home and all the BB be dead.
  7. Has anyone tried the EA Premium Nitrate Reducer Filter Pad? Will it work, in general? And, more specifically, will it work in a hang-on-back filter?
  8. I have seen a member on this forum I can’t remember his name who says that you don’t need to change your filter media just clean your filters is this true?
  9. Everywhere I look online I get conflicting answers to this question. My HOB filter has a combination of foam and bio rings, and for the longest time I was told that I shouldn't wash them, but more recently I've heard that I should. Based on my understanding the filter is not the only source of beneficial bacteria in the tank, but my confusion lies on whether washing the media will throw the water parameters off balance. Any help would be appreciated!
  10. I have a tidal 55 hob filter on my 29g tank. It has a bottom layer of sponge, then back of ceramic and filter floss on top. how often should I change the sponge and floss? side question, ever since I installed the filter the blue overflow indicator on the too is always showing. Even right after I clean. Any idea why?
  11. I just started a planted tank and I have read that carbon can essentially make fertilizer ineffective. I have an aqueon hang on back filter that uses the disposable filter cartridges, which have activated carbon in them. Is this okay to use? If not l, how can I change my hang on back filter to be effective without the carbon filters?
  12. I am setting up a brand new 20L for guppy fry in like 1-2 weeks. Only problem is that the HOB that I bought does not fit in the space where I am going to put the tank in so I cant steal media from my other tanks (sponge, floss, ceramic). My only other option is to put in a sponge filter. Was thinking of maybe zip-tying some sponge or floss to the sponge filter and running it that way or just dropping in some ceramic rings in the tank. Any suggestions on how or what to do here in this situation?
  13. Those of you that use marineland HOB filters, I'd like to see how you have set up your filters if you are not using the cartridge's. What are you for media and how do you have it arranged in the box?
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