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  1. Thank you Aquarium Co-Op for the best information on aquarium plants around. I put the plants in the dragon stone and my betta loves it
  2. My 6.5 gallon aquarium make over for my short finned halfmoon (plakat) betta is in the works. Have to wait for my order to come from Aquarium Coop to come. the fake plants are going. any tips for a novice at a planted Aquarium?
  3. I ran out and got a bigger (6.5 gallon) tank for the betta ( caught my eye) that I got yesterday. I had the betta in a 1-gallon tank for only one night. the tank is an Aqua Culture 6.5-Gal Semi-Hex Aquarium Kit with LED Lighting and Power Filter from Walmart. I picked up the gravel, a small heater, and the fake plants too.
  4. This is one side of my cabinet the other side has my cascade 1000 canister filter.
  5. thinking about starting a second tank in my bedroom. now just have to figure out what size of tank.
  6. I have this round insulated bag coming and a collapsable insulated box in my pantry that are going to be used for fish transportation. the local aquarium store uses plastic containers that should fit nicely in the transportation bag I am getting.
  7. Living in a city with no Aquarium Store and the nearest one is 36 miles (30 minutes) away and there is ones within a 3 hour drive of me. Going the distance with a USB Powered Air Pump has been on my mind because of the distance I have to travel to go to an aquarium shop. When should you use a USB powered air pump and when should you not use a USB powered Air pump? is it smart to use a USB powered air pump in transportation of fish from aquarium stores to home quarantine tank? What would your max distance be to use a USB air pump? These are all questions that could help a Beginner in the hobby.
  8. How would you change this 36 gal tank into a planted tank? The Rocks and mangrove will stay in place. The artificial plants will have to go. I am a beginner withe live plants in an aquarium. I dont know why the image fliped.
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