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  1. @James Black i think he arrived with it I couldn’t tell too much the first day as I had all the lights off and he was hiding. Do you think if it is a defect it’s uncomfortable for him ?
  2. Okay thank you for the honest advice. Maybe I will keep lights off for a couple days feed him up and let him relax a bit and see how he does if not , try salt. Thank you !
  3. I can get better pictures tomorrow . There is a picture of just A black orchid not the actual one I ordered unfortunately. Will they usually hold them out like that when they are damaged ? It does look a lot thinner than the other one. Could I add something other than salt as I have a planted tank . I have already added almond leaves to help a little
  4. @Cory my betta fish arrived yesterday and it seems like his ventral fin is damaged . It looks like it’s stuck sticking out. This is my first betta fish , is there anything I can do ?
  5. @Cory should I worry about scuds in a shrimp breeding tank ? I’m hearing horror stories of them out breeding and out competing the shrimp . As well as eating baby shrimp . Not sure how I would get rid of them .
  6. Okay thank you , I will try and add maybe 6 or so more and see if that helps
  7. I have one on a 55g that is pretty deep and plants are doing well . You could start with just one for a couple weeks and see how you go then if you feel you need 2 get another one. Save you some $$ in case you don’t need it
  8. Can anyone give me tips on getting my orange laser corydora’s to be more active . I have 9 in a 55 gallon planted tank for about 6 months now , with sand and lots of wood and rock to hide . It seems I’ve made too many hiding places as I don’t see them at all unless they are eating. I have a big amazon sword and jungle vallisneria to dim the light so it isn’t too bright for them and I still don’t see them 😔 . I have to slowly creep up to the tank to even see them before they spot me and dart off. I have 11 rummynose in the tank also , am trying to get more for a larger school. Should I add more cories ? I wasn’t sure how many is too many for that size tank as they get a bit larger than some of the other species. @Cory @Cory Gang @Corycatfan
  9. Okay . Thank you so much ! Appreciate your time and knowledge. I learnt about sand the hard way 😆🤦🏼‍♀️
  10. Thank you for replying @Cory is that something I should be concerned about ? I know from your videos about Peru you mentioned the gas release you saw there and how we shouldn’t be so so concerned with it in our aquariums. Is the bacteria build up different ? Thanks again 😊
  11. could someone help me identify what I’m dealing with here. Black growing between the sand and glass. It seems to have a cyano texture when I have tried to remove it previously. The black on the edge of the tank has looked like that for months and not changed, but where the black is in the middle has grown over a couple of weeks. I am working on balancing the tank . Just not sure if this is algae or cyano bacteria as it isn’t green ? But doesn’t look very nice at the for front of everything! @Cory Thank you 😊
  12. Hi everyone, I got 12 rummynose last weekend that have been in a quarantine tank. I watched them for a few days and noticed some had some fin rot issues so I put one dose of maracyn. Yesterday, today I have one dead and one that is struggling to swim. Looks slightly swollen like the beginning of dropsy. Should I treat with epsom salt along with the maracyn. I was going to do a 50% water change first . ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 5 ph 7.2 temp 80 im not sure how to add an image on here. But it is swimming with head up and slightly swollen above the head right behind their iridescent green diamond spot
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