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Found 18 results

  1. A few weeks ago I found mystery fry in my quarantine tank. They’re either rummy nose tetras or dwarf neon rainbows. Now the fry are in a breeder box in the main tank and seem to be doing well. You guessed it - now I want to see if I can encourage breeding. I placed 1 slim (male I’m pretty sure) and 3 large bellied (supposed to be an indicator of fertile female) rummies in the fishless quarantine tank. I’ll be feeding them protein rich foods such as frozen baby and regular brine shrimp, freeze dried tubifex worms and some all around nutrition with the Co-op’s fry food. There are quite a few stems of pogostemon octopus floating and a large ‘fluffy’ plastic plant, along with a couple of moss balls. I’m using a sponge filter for filtration and no heater - the water’s been 82 - 84 lately. I have several more rummies in my main tank and they chase each other around regularly. From what I’ve seen it’s more breeding-style than just simple schooling. However, it’s a community tank and my guys are all little piggies so I don’t hold out much hope for any ‘wild born’ fry. I’m hoping it’ll be successful in a more controlled environment. Suggestions are more than welcome. Wish me luck!
  2. I bought some Rummynose Tetras and they have come down with what I believe is Ich. The problem is that I have been dosing Ich X as directed for the past 8 days and while during the first 4 days it seemed to have been working, it never completely left and the now is as bad as it has ever been. I don't want to raise the temp because I have a hill stream loach in the tank and this is my only tank. 20 gallon, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 0 nitrate (I have been doing daily water changes dosing Ich X), 150ppm GH, 40ppm KH, 6.4-6.8 pH
  3. I’m going to get 50 rummy-nose tetras and have a 20 gallon tall quarantine tank for my 180 gallon. Can I put that many fish in a well cycled quarantine tank?
  4. pH 8.3 Nitrates 10-20 Hardness 150- 300 Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 KH/Buffer 120-180 Water Temperature above 78 "new" 65 gallon tank. Got this 65 gallon and established canister from offerup. I dont try to change my water parameters. Before we got the rummys and cardinals, the tank was occupied by a dozen ember tetras, 8 platys, 1 betta, and a couple guppies, and had gotten over a battle with ick where 1 platy was lost. after building a new stand, I moved the tank, and ditched all the old substrate and added most of the plants in the picture. The tank was then set up the way you see here. Cardinals and rummy nose added, a dozen-ish of each, and a handful-ish of new guppies. Since the tank is very new, I did not quarantine the new 2 dozen cardinals and rummys. The rummy nose were voracious eaters and the cardinals were also putting on weight for a week or 2. All the while, I am needlessly turning up the temp shooting for 80 degrees, unbeknownst to me my IR temp gun is reading about 4-5 degrees lower than the actual temp of the tank. ALL of the tetras (rummy, cardinal, and embers) got ick. Only the tetras. Eventually I got a cheap sinking thermometer. The rummys were really suffering from the ick. A few of them would keel over when they stop swimming and then right themselves as they began moving again. Highest temp I read with the cheap thermometer was 84. I sent the temps back down toward 78. Treated with super ich cure in the DT for a few days and no improvements, only decline in the rummy nose. Did I give my tetras ick by stressing them with a temperature increase over the course of a few days? Is it possible my betta is stressing the fish? I do not notice aggression towards the tetras during the day, only the guppies and platys, but I am now concerned about night time activities. Lost nearly all rummys, embers are still trucking and begging for food, the cardinals are doing decent. All tetras and male platys and random guppies are in the 10 gal QT now. Treating with ick x and salt (1 Tbsp per 2 gal). Thanks for the tips.
  5. Hello all, I am looking for some advice. So here is the brief story: I bought 4 Rummy Nose Tetras from my local Petco few weeks back. They were the last 4 Rummy Nose (I would have bought at least 8 if they had that many) and they have been in Petco for a little over a week. After quarantine, they did great in acclimating into my main planted tank and are thriving. Wanting to make the total to 10 Rummy nose, I waited for Petco to get another batch of them. So on 4/2 they received a huge batch. I immediately went to the Petco store and bought 6, acclimated them and placed them in my quarantine tank. Status of my quarantine tank: It established (0 ammonia, 0 nitrite and 10ppm nitrate, and 7 pH). No sure what the water hardness is. Water temp is 78. Hang on back Marineland filter. Immediately 1 of the tetras died that night, 4-5 hours after I placed them into the quarantine tank. The following day, 4/3, when I woke up, I noticed another 2 died. While removing the 2 dead tetras, I noticed one of the 3 alive tetras swimming oddly. It looked like it was floating in the tank aimlessly, bumping into objects and not being able to stay right side up (swim bladder disease?). Nonetheless, it died shortly thereafter. So this left me with 2 tetras alive. On 4/4, a fifth died similar to the way the fourth died, floating aimlessly, bumping into objects, not staying right side up. This has been a terrible experience for me, who only been fish keeping for a little over 6 months. I want to do everything I can to keep this last one alive and hopefully he survives to make it into my main tank. So my question is: I noticed that on top of his head there seems to be a small patch of green. I looked at various Rummy Nose tetra images on Google to see if this is an abnormal growth/coloring. Some images shows normal silver spot, I don't want to weed out the possibility of a fungal growth on the head, so I want to see what you veterans think. If it's something, how should I treat it? Thanks for your time and assistance. KJ
  6. So we are looking for some advice. We got a batch of fish from our local store a few days ago. We got 3 panda corys, a bristlenose pleco, 4 mollies, and 6 rummy nose tetras. We used an open 55 gal tank to quarentine and a cycled sponge filter from another tank. We treated with copper safe, ick ex, Melafix, copper safe, maracyn oxy, and aquarium salt as the lables said to. The first 48hrs things were fine but ick ex calls for a 2nd dose after 48 hours 12 hours after the 2nd dose the rummy nose started dying off so we threw the ones that were left into an unmedicated tank and we've lost all but one so far does anyone know if it sounds like we did something wrong or if maybe it was a weak batch of fish? Everything else is still in the medicated tank and we have started carbon filtration on it to slowly remove meds but everything else seems to be doing fine. Does anyone have any advice or input on what happened?
  7. Last year I added 12 rummynose tetras to my 2 year old 60 gallon heavily planted community tank. As they grew to adult sizes after a year they started nibbling on some plants and harassing my betta. I recently noticed the betta fins ripped badly and they have eaten all of my hydrocotyle tripartita mini. I was trying to make a carpet but now not a single leaf is left on them. I had to remove the rummynose tetras for my betta and my plants benefit. Now I must have watched like 50 videos from popular youtubers keeping rummynose tetras in planted tank and none of them seem to experience this. NOTE: I change water once a month and I test my water every month before a water change. My nitrates barely reach 20ppm in a month so I'm going to start doing a water change every 2 months. Fish Food: Monday - Frozen Bloodworms Tuesday - Hikari Bottom Feeder + Hikari Vibra Bytes Wednesday - Frozen Daphnia Thursday - Hikari Algae Wafer + Tetra Flakes Friday - Frozen Artemia Saturday - Hikari Micro Pellets + Hikari Freeze Dried Brine Shrimp Sunday - Live Baby Brine Shrimp My critter list is as follows: 1 HM Betta. 2 Julii Corydoras 12 Pigmy Corydoras 6 Albino Corydoras 8 Harlequin Rasboras 3 Blue Neon Tetras 12 Black Neon Tetras 6 Cardinal Tetras 1 Golden White Cloud Mountain Minnow 20 Endlers 2 Danios 12 CPDs 10 Maculata Rasbora 10 Red Beckford Pencilfish 10 Green Neon Rasbora 4 Kuhli Loaches 3 Siamese Algae Eaters 5 Otocinclus 10 Nerite Snails + 2 Assassin Snails 2 Mexican Dwarf Crayfish Hundreds of Cherry Shrimp & a few Pond Snails
  8. Take params: Temp: 79 degrees Fahrenheit Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 60-80 A few of the rummynose tetras have recently(not sure when exactly just noticed it today) started showing what looks like a white upper lip. Everyone looks healthy and eats like pigs. Still got red noses. I know nitrates are a little high but water change day is I'm the morning. These fish just got added to the main tank after a 3+ month quarantine/grow-out. Honestly not even sure if they are the new additions or the original school who had been there for a year ish. Could they be rubbing their nose raw on the front glass from their patrolling? If so how do you get them to stop? They are in a 29g school of 25 with an angel, an to, and a male apisto who just chills in his cave all day. Much thanks! Link to gallery: Https://imgur.com/gallery/SjT1Kjv
  9. Was looking to add around 10 to 12 Rummy Nose Tetra to my 29 gal. tank. It does seem like there are some people that say these are very hardy fish and others who say they are some of the most fragile fish. I just sent an email to Aqua Huna and he replied that he doesn't ship these fish out anymore because they do not ship well and he was having too many die. Let me know your opinions on this fish and if I should throw that idea out the window and search for something else.
  10. I placed rummy nose tetras and Sterbai Corey into my 20 gallon quarantine tank on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday I add the med trio to the tank. I woke up this morning and I had 11 dead rummy nose. Amonia, nitrite and nitrates are zero. Could the meds cause the die off, I pored the powder meds directly into the tank. Should I have mixed in water first and then add?
  11. I need help with quarantine rummy nose tetras. I always lose most of them I’m using a 20gal high for the quarantine tank and a seeded sponge filter any help would be most appreciated.
  12. I have now bought 2 schools of rummynose from 2 different suppliers. 20 each time. Some DOA and the rest dying off shortly thereafter. Has anyone else had this problem? Are they too fragile to ship? Are the genetics too inbred/bad breeding stock? Or do I just have bad luck? What’s the deal? I love them, but they aren’t surviving. Thanks!
  13. Hi All, I have found this odd looking white line/worm in the fin of my rummy nose tetra. Any ideas as to what it is? And how to treat? thanks in advance Merry Christmas Bill
  14. Are Rummy nose tetras for beginners? I am new to the hobby and going to get my first tropical fishes tomorrow. And deciding on my first tetra.
  15. Hello! I was planning on stocking angelfish and I was curious if they would be compatible with rummynose tetras. I know they can eat neons but since rummynose are slightly larger, I was wondering if they are compatible. Thanks!
  16. Hi everyone, I got 12 rummynose last weekend that have been in a quarantine tank. I watched them for a few days and noticed some had some fin rot issues so I put one dose of maracyn. Yesterday, today I have one dead and one that is struggling to swim. Looks slightly swollen like the beginning of dropsy. Should I treat with epsom salt along with the maracyn. I was going to do a 50% water change first . ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 5 ph 7.2 temp 80 im not sure how to add an image on here. But it is swimming with head up and slightly swollen above the head right behind their iridescent green diamond spot
  17. Two days ago I bought 6 Rummynose tetras from my local fish store first day lost 2 yesterday lost one and today lost another all the other fish seem to be fine rest are good I’m thinking my water is too hard for them or what else could it be ?
  18. Ok, maybe I am just not destined to keep tetras of any kind. I am baffled. I picked up 15 rummy-nose tetras 4 days ago. I was worried, because I have had terrible luck in the past with neons and I think I am cursed now...but not worried enough to put them all in a brand new 10g QT tank, because I am an idiot. I took HOURS to acclimate them slowly and carefully before releasing them in the tank, they were casually swimming around relaxed in a more than 25:75 old:new water mix before I transferred them. They are in a planted new 29g that has never held fish before. I have 0 ammonia, nitrites, or nitrates other than the Easy Green I try to put in for the plants. I have a lot of plants, both floating and rooted, and a bit of algae, I can't keep nitrogen in the tank. Yesterday I noticed one not eating. This morning I found one dead. Now 2 more are not eating. Everyone else darts around in a feeding frenzy, these two huddle low in a corner breathing hard. I did a 30% water change, started dosing with Maracyn and ParaCleanse this morning, but I am preparing myself for a total loss. I see no other obvious symptoms. I don't have a clue what it could be. 7.4pH/30gh/40kh matches the water they came in pretty closely, tank is at 80 degrees, high-ish maybe but in range. I wanted to eventually keep Rams, so I was going to ratchet it up a little after they settled. There is an airstone in the tank and a spray bar, the canister filter has bio and mechanical filtration but not chemical. I would love any advice or commiseration you care to offer. Rough day. 😔
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