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  1. Super! Thank you RockMongler! This is good to keep in mind! Rosie
  2. Thank you Jayci for the encouragement. They arrived yesterday and were active and even engaged with each other is a non aggressive way. My Betta checked them out following them around but not being aggressive - no flaring. So all seems well. I haven’t seen them yet this morning. I do have lots of plants, and my substrate is made up of speckled gravel, so hopefully they are doing fine getting acclimated!! Thank you again Jayci! Sending you blessings, Rosie
  3. Super! Thank you for your input! This helps! Right now they are very small - there are two of them and I have them in the 10 gallon with a community. I’ll keep an eye on them! Thanks again, Rosie
  4. Hello! For months I’ve been watching youtube videos on Hillstream Loaches in relation to Nano fish tanks. So I have a ten gallon tank and thought that would be great for one or two with Betta and CPDs. I’ve been reading now that a 20 gallon is the smallest tank for these loaches. Does anyone have experience with them in 10 gallon or even 5 gallon tanks? Thanks!! Rosie
  5. Thank you Kirsten! Yes, I’ll get the CPDs, the Cories and the Betta settled in and then see what it feels like. Because I’ll have two 5 gallon tanks available, I’m going to make one of those a shrimp tank and the other one will be available for quarantining. That’s the plan! Thanks again Kirsten, Rosie
  6. Thank you! No I do have some Corydoras. And I would like to get a couple or three more of them. I’d Love a Hillstream Loach, and If the CPDs and the Betta work well I’d like to get a couple of Female CPDs. The ones I had died. And I really want some Shrimp! I may start with the shrimp in one of the 5 gallons before putting them in the “Big Tank.” I’m very excited!! Thanks again CorydorasEthan! I appreciate your responding so quickly! Rosie
  7. I have a Male Betta and to Cory’s in one 5 gallon tank, and I have some CPD’s in another 5 gallon tank. I want to combine them in a new 10 gallon tank. The water parameters are very much the same. I’m assuming that I can combine the waters from each aquarium into the 10 gallon, and use both sponge filters, plants and gravel in the new tank too. Then add fish. Will this work? I’d appreciate any thoughts! Thank you, Rosie
  8. Thank you Koi! You are awesome!! I so appreciate your presence, clarity and thoughtfulness! You may be the quiet type but I can tell you have a sensitive loving heart! That is much appreciated in the world, indeed! Rosie
  9. Thank you so much Koi for taking the time to respond so thoroughly. What you shared is really valuable and validates what I’ve been doing over the past 5 years. I lost confidence there for a bit but hearing what you do make me feel better! Thank you again! Rosie
  10. I have been feeding my fish in the Winter months only when the water temperature is above 39 degrees - according to the food brand instructions. Because the temperature is so much higher this Winter I wonder if I should keep feeding them or not. Someone I respect said to not feed them from November to March - regardless of the temperature. What can you share with me about your experience? There are no plants in the water and the pond is a 8ft old jacuzzi tub - about 800 gallons. There are 9 good size fish. No one seems to be very hungry but I want to do right by my fish! Thank you for all of your support, Rosie
  11. Thank you Cory. I watch your videos and so appreciate the common sense intelligence you bring to the hobby! Any you are such a joy to hang out with!
  12. I’ve put my fish through the med trio or internal parasites, Ich and other external issues. Do I repeat the med trio after two weeks, letting them rest for the one week between? Thanks - Rosie
  13. I’m totally on board with that idea Ben. I’m almost to six months with my tank. I want to be successful! Thanks a bunch!
  14. Thanks Ben and Daniel! It’s funny that now that I’m sure these aren’t shrimp, with the help of all of your input, I’m now figuring out what I want to do with this small tank of Amphipods. Introduce them into my Betta tank and Nano tank and see what happens? Someday soon I want to try shrimp again!! Thanks again!
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