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Found 11 results

  1. So I was taking my daughters ornaments out of her tank, and all of a sudden, I see this thing darting around. One of her shrimp was supposedly berried when we got them. Is this a bebe shrimplet? (Excuse all the junk floating around. Like I said, I just pulled a bunch of stuff out and her sand is going tomorrow.) link attached since it’s a vid.
  2. I'm beginning to dabble in culturing my first live food. Amphipods. Or "pods" to those who know them well. I have a 13 gallon bucket and a starter colony. They are... Persisting, but not thriving. If I am going to use them as live food (and my fish have shown LOTS of interest in eating them!), then I'll need a fairly dense culture. Does anyone have an tips for culturing pods? Does anyone culture them as food for their fish? I know Daphnia are more popular, but I think pods might offer some sport for the fish. Advice welcome. Thanks!
  3. I went fishing and found a slow part of the river. The amount of fry snails daphnia scuds and other critters was impressive. It was all feeding off of 8 inches of mulm. Really let's you know that your tank doesn't have to be spotless.
  4. So I occasionally collect wild scuds after work. We have an old gravel mine in the back that only gets dredged every few years. Every spring and fall, the amphipods swim into the shallow temporary pools on the edge to catch the warm sunshine. I’ve grabbed them there in the past to feed to my loaches. So anyway I randomly decided to try to keep some alive this year and see if they would breed for me. They’re pretty big at over an inch long so the breeding size adults are mostly going to be fed to my dojo loaches, dollar sunfish and killifish. I’m hoping to be able to net out babies to feed out to all the other fish. Anyways, any tips on long term scud care? Picture shows the edge of the lake, how I caught them (paper cup and gallon ziplock) and what I ended up putting them in (old 5 gallon acrylic hex that hadn’t been used in 10 years). I tossed some water sprite and duck weed in the top. I don’t know if they’ll eat it or not.
  5. I am learning so much from this new hobby of mine...and learning every day. Here is a new ask for you all. What the frick is this in my tank?! All of these little creatures are absolutely thriving in this tank. This tank isn't even cycling. There has hardly been any change in 2 weeks with hundreds of pond snails and three nerite snails. And there is also a lot of algae that the snails are hardly making a dent in. Anyway, what is this weird bug? Is this weird bug going to at least contribute to the ammonia (of which I have detected little to none)?
  6. I currently have a 10g tank heavily planted and purchased plants from my local fish store. I have two Amazon swords (one is a red flame) and they produce leaves weekly. That being said I have replaced them in the substrate several times because the roots cannot seem to grow. I have had the tank for 3 months and have fed the swords heavily (3/4 easy root tabs per month) and am wondering if the scuds are eating the roots. Had anyone else had this experience? I am debating starting the tank all over in a 30 long with new substrate and replacing my filter sponges along with heavily cleaning my decorations. thoughts?
  7. Just curious if anyone else raises scuds and how they ago about it, below is how I do it. Housing: 10G Occupants: Scuds, snails & neocaridina shrimp Filtration: HMF with low flow. Substrate: Inert sand. Food: Anything from hair algae, repashy, flake, frozen, plant trimmings, vegetables, to dead leaves. I haven’t really found anything that they don’t devour. Water Changes: Every two weeks give or take. Temp: 78 to 81 Harvest: I’ll either use a pre-sponge filter from a HOB, remove a clump of hair algae or food and swish / place it in the tank(s) I want to feed. Once the scuds have either relocated or been eaten the filter goes back to the HOB, hair algae to the scud tank and the food either stays or gets returned to the scud tank. I have been hatching out and raising up Fp. Gardneri nigerianus innidere to about an inch long in the scud tank and I think I’ll try my Melanotaeni boesemani aytinjo next.
  8. In my quarantine tank where there have been no adult shrimp - and any adult shrimp I had died 4 months ago, I’m finding tiny shrimp or tiny shrimp like insects? Is it possible that the adult shrimp - which I only had for a matter of weeks before they died, could have laid eggs on a moss ball? I can’t find any information that support volunteer shrimp. They act like shrimp, swim like shrimp and I’m surprised at how aggressive they are with the snails! Any thoughts? Thanks, Rosie
  9. I have a 10 gallon shrimp tank and noticed scuds . Do they harm my shrimp?
  10. I don't think the discus tank is good for shrimp. But that might not stop me from putting some in. The temperature is 84°F and the pH is slightly below neutral, conductivity is low because it fed with RO water. Almost nothing in the way of plants, except for a couple of newly planted starts of Jungle Vallisneria that have yet to get going (and might never get going). There is a little bit of some short felt-like bright green algae that grows on the wood in the upper foot of the water column. Lots of mulm, lots of drifwood and colonies of blackworms living in the sand. I don't care if the discus eat the shrimp eventually, in fact that would good, but currently something the size of a cherry shrimp would be way to big for the discus to eat. I have thought about scuds also as I have loads of those. What would be the purpose of the shrimp? I would hope they would eat uneaten Vibra Bites that drifted into hard to get to crannies, and also provide a food source for the discus. Is there a shrimp that would survive under these conditions?
  11. Pond water is pretty interesting too. I pulled some water out the little pond that receives my aquarium overflow, fed it a piece of squash and filmed the results this morning. It is its own little world with snails, scuds, seed shrimp and planaria. Aquarium water has about the same mix but I think the scuds wouldn't last long in most tanks as they are pretty tasty! The video is 7 minutes long and moves at a snails pace ☺️(there is some action, at about the 3 minute mark, a scud gets on the snail).
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