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  1. I just went ahead and trimmed those long roots. They were taking too much space and the fish were struggling to get around the tank. 🤷🏽
  2. Here are mine. They're WCMM and they're in different stages. Also, I'm not breeding these they just keep happening. 😮‍💨
  3. Hi! I just saw another member post this question. I believe those white spots are markings in male WCMM. Mine have it too, and the other members' WCMM had it too. It can't be that we all have WCMM with the same disease.
  4. Hi! I have WCMM and my males have those same two spots on the mouth. I think it's part of their markings. I posted two pictures from each side of my male WCMM. He won't cooperate with a front face picture.
  5. @JoeQ your plants look amazing! Are your floaters frog bits?
  6. I always had a fascination with fish. When I was in high school I bought a Betta fish and a 20 gallon tank. I didn't have any gravel or anything in the tank. I would steal water hyacinth from a neighbor's front yard fountain and put it in the tank. It only had a bubbler, no filter. I then bought a female Betta and next think I know I had about 25 Bettas. Once they were big enough I put the in baby food jars (this was a long time ago, don't judge) and gifted them to my classmates. Now I'm almost 40 and after watching MD Fish Tanks on YouTube like 6 months ago I got inspired to make a no tech ecosystem. And here I am, 10 gallon, dirted, planted, tank with 2 adult WCMM and 6 fry later. 🤣🤣
  7. Yeah, duckweed grows like crazy. I collect it every other week and give it to a friend who has goldfish. Her goldfish love to gobble 'em. I am not, this is an almost no tech tank (except for the light). I do collect the duckweed every other week.
  8. Those are dwarf water lettuce. 😆 I see posts on Google that say it's due to too much nutrients in the water and, I also see the opposite, that it's due to a lack of nutrients. I'm attaching a top picture too. Billboard is small. There are two adult WCMM, and 6 fry (1/2 inch big), a few bladder snails and a few ramshorn snails.
  9. Hi guys! Just curious why the roots of my floating plants are growing so crazy. My parameters for the tank are 0 NH4, 0 NO3, 0 NO3. This is a 10 gal tank. I know I should get a test kit for the more specific things, and in you guy's experience, is this because too much nutrients in the water?
  10. I accidentally bred some without trying. I bought a pair and two days later I had fry stuck all over the sides of the fishtank. They get stimulated when you do a water change and the water is 1-2 degrees cooler than the tank water.
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