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  1. Hi there i have this black phantom that is just twirling around and twitching. Mostly inverted. I assume I am going to be euthanizing it, just curious if anyone has insight as to what’s going on? Swim bladder? see below for YouTube clip.
  2. Hi FishFriend, I'm also in Canada. Are you in Ontario?
  3. Just an FYI that vet that I used only prescribes to Ontario addresses and I live in QC, however they were able to prescribe me the meds and use my friends address in Ontario and then he shipped them to me. You're also allowed to buy as much of it as you want once you are prescribed. So i bought 3 x times my needed amount. So if you know someone in ontario you can get your hands on it and stock up for the future. They will even prescribe you the meds if you're just looking to set up a quarantine protocol. worth looking into.
  4. I forgot to mention the tank is pretty heavily planted, I've got 6 crypts that are exploding and are massive, Val that is out of control, 2 java fern, 2 anubias, 1 sword, 1 moneywort and 1 Hyrgo poly sperma
  5. I have a 29 Gallon that's fully cycled and chugging along, I have a pretty good understanding of the tanks behaviors and parameters. About a month ago I had an infection run through the tank and pretty much wipe out all my dither fish. Orginal stocking was - 2 x Cockatoo apisto - 10 x Cardinals - 8 x Blue Emperor Tetras - 6 x Venezuelan Corys (aka the zoomers of Corys) - 1 x Bristlenose Pleco (Mr. Raymond Labrosse is his name and it roughly translates to Mr Raymond TheBrush) Being in Canada fish meds are not available and I think there was a bacterial infection, which led to stess which led to ICH. I should mention after this point i found a vet in Ontario that does telemedicine and will prescribe meds equivalent to US meds (so for any Canadians this may help). I was able thanks to them to get my hands on some Metronidozale and Prazi, I ran a 3 week treatment and the fish look healthy and I'm gearing up to restock the tank. Ultimately I was able to save the following and this is my current stocking: 1 x Male apisto 6 x corys 1 x Raymond Labrosse What I'd like to add: 1 x Female apisto 8 x Black Phantom tetra 10 x rummys Total Stocking: 2 x Apisto Cockatoo 8 x Black Phantom tetras 10 x Rummy 6 x Venezuelan Corys 1 x Bristlenose is this overstocked? and beyond that would it be possible to throw in some diamond tetras ( i know this would be pushing it )
  6. I use Seachem flourite black sand which isnt actually sand but a fractured clay thats broken down even further to give the appearance of sand. All my root based plants have not have a problem rooting in it and when I pulled up my Hygro the other day to move to another tank the roots were enormous. I just speckle in some root tabs since unlike regular sand which is also inert its very porous so it has really good nutrient leech capability. I don't know how much i'd love regular sized fluorite but I love the black sand.
  7. I see her eating and picking things off the substrate, I just fed a frozen brine shimp cube from Hikari, she wasn't very interested. I think she may just be stressed, she's hiding underneath a rock. No rapid breathing, seems nice and regular. I'm going to go out and get a coconut hut for her or a terracotta cave. Also yes I have tons of Prazi and Metro left I was able to buy as much as I wanted once prescribed.
  8. No QT as I don't have a QT tank 😞 all I've seen him do is show off, raise his fins etc. and follow her around. He doesn't seem to be attacking her or bullying her at all.
  9. Hi Colu, fortunately I was able to find a vet to prescribe me some praziquantel/metro and i saved the male + my corys and bristle. I did lose all my other tetras. After finishing the treatment and performing multiple water changes I restocked the tank this weeked lightly with some Rummys and a new female cactuoides. Unfortunately she almost immediately started behaving weird.. all other fish are fine, water parameters are great and rummys noses are bright red. She's up in the corner of my tank tilted downwards at a 45 degree angle?? I see no signs of physical disease and it's way to fast for any pathogen in the tank to have done this to her (24 hours after introduction). Any ideas?
  10. He also will dart and turn sideways and rub himself on my crypts
  11. Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 20-30 PPM. below is my cichlid you can seen the stringy white poop and he has what appear to be a light line on his right side up near his gill line
  12. Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 20-30 PPM.
  13. This is the label on my bottle, guess it is different.
  14. I dont see nitrofurazone on the bottle? only 1.3MG of Benzalhyde green. I havent added any salt to the aquarium, I believe it will kill all plants and potentially my corys and bristle as well.
  15. Would love to do this treatment but I am unable do to the unavailability of fish medication in Canada. No white patches from what I can see just white dots on the Cardinal Tetras which I assume is ICH. I treated with API super cure as its the only ICH med in Canada I could get my hands on. It's putting a beating on my Bristlenose and Corys as they are sensitive to the meds. It's also tanking my oxygen levels I think, I've added an additional airstone and have raised the temp slightly. Almost none of the fish have an appetite except for the male apisto.
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